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Facts About Hurricanes

A hurricane is a storm that starts over warm, tropical ocean water. It is very powerful and large. Warm, wet air rises from the ocean to the sky. Clouds and thunderstorms form from the wet air. Multiple thunderstorms move together in a spinning circle to become a hurricane. Hurricanes produce thunder, lightning and heavy rain. A storm that has wind blowing at least 75 miles per hour is classified as a hurricane but the winds can be as strong as 200 miles per hour. Hurricanes can last 9 to 12 days. Hurricanes get stronger when they are over warm sea water and weaker when they are over cooler sea water or land.

A hurricane is shaped like a donut. The centre of the storm, where there is a hole, is called the eye . The eye is calm. The walls of the eye have the most powerful winds. Outside the eye wall are rain bands that contain heavy rain and strong winds.

A hurricane develops when warm, wet air over the sea rises quickly. The mix of air, water and heat make a huge, spinning system of clouds, rain and wind. This is a hurricane.

During a hurricane, strong wind causes damage to buildings and also creates high waves. These big waves can damage shores and cause floods. The wind is so strong it makes the rain blow sideways.
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