Perkins Palette

April 2020


We are counting the days until we can all reunite on our Perkins campus! These are trying and unique times, and we hope that each of you are staying healthy and finding news ways to connect as a family. We miss you & we hope to see everyone very soon!
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A note from Ms. Kranzel:

Dearest Perkins Families,

I truly miss you so very much. I hope that this finds you healthy and doing well, staying at home with those that you love (and love you). If you need anything, please know that we continue to have Student Services Staff available to support our students and their families. Call Perkins at 727-893-2117 or email me if there is anything you need!

This newsletter has a TON of information and ideas for you. Please save it so you can go back and read it when you need the information or when you would like an idea of something to do.

Please make sure that you check out the Meal Distribution Locations. The times and days vary and they are adding sites this week and again next week.

As a staff, we worked on creating a Frequently Asked Questions/Answers list. Check that out below the Meal Distribution Locations.

Finally, check out the fun stuff that our staff put together. Hopefully it makes you smile and know that although we are not physically together, we are still connected as a Perkins Family!


Ms. Kranzel

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FAQ Section:

  • I can’t access Teams, need a device, don’t have internet, need my username/password, etc…. Please email or call 727-893-2117

  • Teams is a disorganized mess and everything is in different formats. Teachers (Team owners) have been working to “clean up” their Teams. Please remember that this is a brand new way of work for all of us! If you have suggestions or concerns, please send a message to the teacher.

  • We are working/sharing devices/etc and there is too much to do! ALL assignments will have a minimum of 1 full week (including a weekend) prior to being “due”. That way families can work on a schedule or pace that works for them (a little each day, all in one day, etc). We don’t want students in front of a computer for more than 2-3 hours per day!

  • What subjects does my child have to do? We are trying to stick to a schedule similar to school: ELA/Math/Science/PE daily, Visual Art/Focus once a week, Music/Dance/Drama every other alternating week, Spanish/Band/Strings a couple to a few times a week.

  • Do we have to be online EVERY day at a certain time? Yes and no. Yes every day, we are taking attendance in the Homeroom class (so log on at least once in the 24 hour period). No, not a particular time. Any “live” lessons that the teachers are doing are recorded for the ability to watch on your own schedule.

  • What if I want MORE for my child to do? Teachers may offer enrichment activities, but feel free to have them go on iStation, MyOn, Dreambox, and any of the other programs available in Clever.

  • What about the performance that my child was supposed to be in? Honestly, this is one of the toughest questions to answer. As of this moment, we are supposed to be back in school at the beginning of May. We will do anything and everything we can to give the students an opportunity to enjoy their time together and be able to perform for each other and perhaps even an audience in some fashion. However, we don’t know what the guidelines will be and can’t make any definite decisions. Please continue to be patient as we wait to make decisions until we have all of the information possible and can do so in the best interest of all involved.

  • How will I access my child's report card? Report cards are available in Focus. Log in with your child's R2D2 and password (the same as they are using for Clever) and under the "Messages" section, click to download the report card.

    Friday, April 10th, is a scheduled No School Day.
    Teachers are also off.
    Enjoy the 3 day weekend!

Now for some fun stuff!

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Does that say "Egg Smash Challenge"?!?!

Yes, it does.

The Egg Smash Challenge is when you take 6 eggs and hard boil 3 of them. So, you have 3 hard boiled and 3 raw.

The person completing the challenge (Ms. Kranzel in this situation) does NOT know which eggs are raw and which eggs are hard boiled.

The person (Ms. Kranzel) completing the challenge selects 2 eggs and smashes the eggs on their (her) head! This could get messy...

If we are back in school, this will be done LIVE for the participants (remember, we need 200 students at least) on the PE court. If needed, this will be done in Ms. Kranzel's house on video for all to see!

Now, get reading! Remember, only one box per day counts. You can do more than one box per day, but you can't count it toward one of your 15 boxes.

Virtual Learning Experiences

Now that we all have our virtual classrooms and workspaces set up at home, here are some fun virtual online experiences to check out with your students:

* Take a tour of our very own Dali Museum at

* Play fun games and puzzles at Zoo Tampa's Kids Room

* Go on a virtual tour of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium at

* Create virtually with the Morean Arts Center at

* Explore the birthplaces of music at

* Going stir crazy? Customize a pair of Vans at and stay creative at

* Doodle during lunchtime with Mo Willems at

* Outdoor fun, articles, and animal games at

Try This STEM Challenge at Home!

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We know you missed out on Jelly Bean Field Day, but see the photo above for some great obstacle challenges you can do as a family at home to create your own JBFD! The Waechter Family (pictured above) and the Slayton Family (shared a video with us) had a blast!!

Who Do These Pets Belong To????

See if you can match the Perkins staff members below to their pets - We will give you the answers in May's newsletter!

Mrs. Ware, Ms. Zeedyk, Mrs. Rook, Mrs. Wise, Ms. Chedid (2 pets!), Mrs. Ogles, Ms. Coyle, Mrs. Stickles, Mrs. Vasallo, Ms. Gaunt, Mrs. Forbes, Mrs. Crosby, Mrs. Mosall, and Mr. Heller

Check Out Our Teachers Home Classrooms!

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Student Council Virtual Spirit Week April 13th-17th

Show your Perkins pride at home! Our Perkins Student Council wants our students (and their families too!) to show their school pride during our Virtual Spirit Week!

Crazy Socks Day – put on your craziest socks

Pajama day – wear your pajamas to “school”

Character day – dress up as your favorite character from any book, movie, or game

Dessert Day – draw your favorite dessert and dress-up as it

Perkins Spirit Day – Show your Perkins spirit!

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