Estridge Edition

News From Our 5th Grade Classroom 9/25/15

What's Happening in the Classroom

Notes from the Teacher

Our field trip to Taltree is next Friday, October 2. We will leave around 9:20 and return before lunch. We will eat lunch at school after our field trip. Thank you to all who volunteered to be a chaperone. Mrs. Fedorchak, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Tharp were picked randomly to chaperone this trip.

Please read through the PDF that I attached to the email this morning regarding the drive "Supplies of GIs". This is a wonderful opportunity for us to show our appreciation to those serving in the military.

We are starting our Native American books this week by taking notes from the text to help us pre-write our stories. If you have any extra craft supplies around your house that you are willing to donate to the class to use to make our books, I would really appreciate it. I have some supplies, but the more the better! :)


In math, we will continue working on Unit 2: Multiplication and Division. We will be exploring how to make arrays to show the conceptual understanding of multiplication.

In Writing, we will continue our Memoirs unit. Students will have the opportunity to finish editing their stories and start typing their stories in Google Docs. We will also finish Language Arts Unit 1-Sentences. Your child will receive a copy of the study guide on Thursday with a copy of all of the notes from this first unit. The test will be on Friday through Canvas.

In Reading, we will begin Unit 2 in Benchmark Reading. We will be working on Sequence of Events and Text Importance. We will start meeting in small groups for Guided Reading with student level texts, Word Study, Independent Reading, Science Station and Listening to Text.

We will continue making our Native American books this week in Social Studies. If you have any old scrapbook material or other craft material that you are looking to get rid of, we can use it for this project.

We will have our third map quiz on Thursday. Your child will receive a new map to add information to from the previous map (more rivers and mountains).

Spelling List for This Week
















Lake Michigan

Lake Huron

Lake Superior

Lake Ontario

Lake Erie

Dates to Remember

October 2-Taltree field trip

October 10th-Color Run at TJMS

October 22-Last Day of the Grading Period

October 23-No School/Fall Break