News from 4I


What's Happening

So much has happened these past few months! We had an exciting spelling bee, collect canned foods to donate, went on an amazing field trip, and learned so much. Please read on to learn about all of our happenings. We are excited to start 2014 off right!


In reading we learned how to write a six second summary for a chapter or section of a book. We include the characters, time, place, and main event in our six-second summaries. We practiced this while reading the chapter book, Medusa Jones, and pioneer articles about the many aspects of pioneer life.

We also learned about comparing and contrasting between two texts. We learned about a historical event, the tight rope walk between the twin towers, and also practiced with Greek mythology stories and plays.

We recently learned about Point of View. We learned how to identify if the text is written in 1st or 3rd person point of view using pronoun clues.

We just finished our Pioneer Book Clubs where the students read and discussed their chosen books together. They then did a six-second summary for each chapters and then used question answering strategies and RSQ to write a response to the literature.


In writing we are reading Danger Along the Ohio and then writing diary entries through the point of view of one of the main characters. We are focusing on event sequence, paragraph writing, and sensory details.

The students also summarized pioneer articles detail the different aspects of pioneer life and then created posters summarizing the most important facts.

Social Studies

The students have been learning about the early tribes of Ohio. This has lead into the Ohio Pioneers. We recently went on a field trip to Livingston Lodge to experience what a day in the life of a pioneer was like and we will head to The Little Red School House when we return to school to see what school was like back then.


In Math we have been continuing to practice large number multiplication and have been working on long division using the Super Seven strategy. We have learned about the Dividend, Divisor, and Quotient. We have also begun to learn how to interpret the remainder by studying the context of the word problem. We have learned just how important our fact power really is!