Civil Rights Movement


This movement of civil rights

There were several years of struggle with racism, several stages in which blacks had to live things that nobody wants to live, deaths, etc. discrimination acontinuacion read about some events that occurred during this period, it will also display information about two important groups. I totally agree with this move, if I think this Movement achievement that the United States a society where we can all be equal, without discrimination by skin color.


In this movement that black people did was to draw attention of govierno order to end the sagregation, and that's how they managed to finish this was a long battle and it was not easy to finish with this, because there were many people who were not They agree, yet they achieved their goals and now we are all equal.


The Little Rock Central High School

National Attention on September 3, 1957, was a group of nine African American in the Central High School. Three years after the US Supreme Court ruled in Brown vs Board Education that separates education facilities are inherently unequal, Minnijean Brown, Terrance Roberts, Elizabeth Eckford, Ernest Green, Thelma Mothershed, Melba Patillo, Gloria Ray, Jefferson Thomas, and Carlotta Walls this group of nine African American came to be know as The Little Rock Nine. On September 2, 1957, Orval Faubus announced that he would call the Arkansas National Guard to prevent violence of someone to them, in a televised address. Faubus insisted that violence and bloodshed break out if black students if they go to the High School, On September 4, eight arrived together, the Arkansas Guard ,make sure than no one was hurt of something, the other of them he went to the High School in the back door of the School. Just 8 of them could done at the High school

Montgomery bus boycott

On December 1,1955, An African American Rosa Parks refused to give her sit to a white man, She was returning to her house. she was sat in the front of the colored section when the with section was full the driver ask her and others African American that they haveto gave they sits to a white men, Rosa Parks refused to gave her sit she was arrested. Martin Luther King he was taking care of a protest to the Montgomery buses.

A Birmingham Black Church

Many of the civilians were doing protests and took refuge in Birmingham during 1960s began the steps of the chrurch,which had been a significant religious church for black people, and rutine place to make meeting for civil rights like King. On September 15,1963, some of the members of the church were at the building, when the bomb detonated on the church each side, must of the parishioners were abe to evacuate the building but four young girls 14 year old Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley and Carole Robertson and eleven yaer old Denise McNair were found their bodies in the restroom

March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

This march was one of the largest march for in the US history and demanded the civil and economic for the African Americans. This took place in Washington. D.C. Where Thousands of Americans went to Washington on Tuesday August 27, 1963. On Wednesday, August , 28,1963. Martin Luther King Jr gace his speech " I have a dream " he was standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial this speech he called the end to racism. This march was organized by A Phillip Randolph and Bayard Rustin, who they were in alliance with civil rights, labor and religious organizations this is for freedom and jobs.


The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

This group was for give to the yourger black people more voice for the civil right movement under the leadership of James Forman,Bob Moses, and Marion Barry the student non violent was founded in 1960 in Relaigh,North California. there black students refused to leave restaurants. This form of nonviolent protest to take the national attention. This group became a movement more politically.

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

This group was founded on the Unniversity of Chicago campus on 1942, For the next years CORE add groups of civil rights activists to the idea to continue with the nonviolence. James Farmer was the first black national director. Voter registration became the new civil rights focus. This group was step by step focusing on problem solving and then another.
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