Chemistry in the Classroom

Mixing, Separating, Dissolving and Exploding.

What We Learned

Over the past month, we have been busy exploring the world of Chemistry. Students have learned to describe the properties and interactions of various household liquids and solids, and interpret their interactions.

Each student was given their own experiment to perform at home, learn about the science behind their experiment, then present to the class.Students hypothesized what they thought would happen based on what they already knew about each of the materials. While conducting each test, students captured their observations in words, images and videos. As you could imagine, the lab was buzzing with excitement, students eagerly calling their teacher over, wanting to share what they had observed, attempting to explain the science behind what happened.

We then brought back what we learned from each experiment to share with the class and explain what we learned.

Periodic Table of Elements

Atoms in Our World

We learned that everything is made of matter, and atoms are what matter is made from.

Atoms are the "building blocks" that make up EVERYTHING!

Atoms are very, very small.

Each student chose an element to research and design a card with the symbol, atomic weight, atomic number, and name. They then wrote a paragraph about where to find their element in the Periodic Table, a compound that is formed when joined with another element and how their element is used in everyday life. Students recorded themselves reading their paragraphs, which we used to create a THINGLINK of our class Periodic Table of Elements.