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Benton Tech Tips for Teachers

Outlook-Addition of Clutter

Over that last year, you may have noticed a few changes in our E-mail. Many things would change overnight, but along with change comes some features that can prove to be very useful tools for teachers and students. One such feature is Clutter. Everyday our inbox is bombarded with different e-mails from educational resources, blogs and other items we subscribe too. They are not junk, we just need a place for all these to be stored until we have time to get to them. This is where Clutter can help. To turn on Clutter, go to the Gear Icon in the upper right hand corner of your webmail account, click it and then select Options. Select Clutter from the menu on the left. Make sure "Separate items identified as clutter" is selected then click Save.

Now you can activate Clutter by dragging items you want sent directly to this folder. Microsoft will now learn your patterns and send your less important items to Clutter where they will be there waiting for you. Make sure to check Clutter from time to time so you do not miss important emails that was inadvertently marked as clutter. To remove something from the Clutter file, move it back to the Inbox folder. Only you can manage what is classified as Clutter.

One Drive

Familiar with Google Drive. Like it, but wish you could use Office instead of Google. Now you can. With our Office 365 Education subscription, each teacher and student has access to OneDrive cloud storage with 1TB of storage space. Now you can upload all your Office files from your computer and have instant access to them anywhere. OneDrive does have a 2G limit on the size of files that can be uploaded to the cloud. No more need for a flash drive to transfer Office files from home to school or vice versa . You can upload them to your OneDrive and not worry if you left your flash drive at home or at school. All of your documents can be accessed on any device that has internet access.

OneDrive also allows you to create or edit your Office documents online. You can share and co-edit your work using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote in real time—anywhere, any time, on any device. Simply click on the App Launcher in the upper left hand corner while in webmail and choose the program in which you wish to work. It is always advisable for any cloud service that stores data, including Google Drive, that users keep a secure copy of their data in case something catastrophic happens with their account or stored cloud data.

Office Suite Download at Home

Don't have Office on your personal computer at home. This is no longer a problem. Teachers and student can now download the latest version of Office on their personal computer as long as they still work or attend school in the Benton district. Microsoft has versions for both PC and Mac. To download Office on your personal computer:

  • Login to Webmail on your personal computer
  • Click the Gear Icon
  • Click Office 365 Settings
  • Click Install and manage software
  • From here you can choose to install the latest version or you can choose to Install Office Professional Plus 2010.
  • Make sure to follow all prompts to successfully download to your computer.

* If you download Office 2013 the default save is to OneDrive. You can change this in the Save dialog box.

*Please do not use this method to update or download Office software on a school computer. School computers have a different license associated with them. If you need Office on loaded on a school computer, let the Tech Department know and they will install it on that computer.


Yammer is a new feature that allows school employees to have a private social network. Use Yammer to collaborate with fellow co-workers and share new and innovative ideas for the classroom. Yammer is easy to use since it closely resembles the Facebook interface we are so used to using.

To use Yammer, click on the App Launcher in the upper left hand corner of your Webmail account, then select Yammer. You will need to create your Yammer account. Once your account is created, you can start joining groups to keep up with all that is going on in and around the district. There are groups for Macs in the Classroom, iPads in the Classroom, Chromebooks in the classroom and much much more. Join one and join the discussion.

*Remember this is a work environment and should only be used for work related items.

*Yammer is only for staff use.

I'm here to help!

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