Dress Code

By: Kaylin Leuwerke

Problem Statement

In Gene Pike Middle School, girls have to have a very strict code for their attire. Their shoulders and most of their thighs are supposed to be covered up and not drawn attention to. But what is it about shoulder that they need to be covered up? I feel like whenever we are given these rules, part of our personality is also covered up and hidden away.


  1. Change dress code
  2. Take a survey
  3. Get uniform
  4. Take the number of inches and lower it
  5. Give more examples of acceptable cloths

Solution Statement

Many teachers like the dress codes, but most of the female students are not fond of it. Dress codes prepare students for clothing expectations in the work place. But, sometimes these dress codes are a bit intense. Our school's dress code makes it hard for the students, girls especially, to buy shorts or tank tops for the hot spring and summer. I think that the dress code should be changed so people can wear shorts with a three inch inseam. Also for tank top straps to be an inch and a half thick.