kayla sanchez


baby kayla

so my babys name is kylie and her fathers name is ellery.we meet at a coffe shop on the way to work and ever seience then we've been dating and now we have became a coupple about a week ago.i found out i was preganate when i was 3 months, the good thing was that i didnt grow i slept alot and barely had any pain but the bad thing was i couldnt do much i still had to work and i couldnt sleep on my belly.I went in to labor 11/1/15 at 6:00 and i was in labor for 18hrs then came kayla the love of my life at 12ock, when i heald her for the first time it was like feeling 12 emotions at one time , how i was honered to hold and pretect gods treasure ,wether i was good enough to be her parent and fear of the unknown. If i had the opertunity to go thru this experence again i would defantly say yes just to see the smile or the first time she opened her eyes and look at me as if i was her one and only ,my love kayla.

blog 2 the first night

so its the first night and she's so happy an joyful she meet my mom and she loved her.i thought the first night would be the hardest but it was actually ok for the most part , i just have to adjust my self to the new schedule meaning feeding every 2hrs and changing her dipper every 2hrs ,and i also had to burp her because if i dont it could cause discomfort or make them throw up. sense she didnt like to breast feed we had to feed her through a syringe to get her to eat any thing , but that was just one effect not to metion her bobo was dark green and the worst it was liquidity.She slept with me all night and i rubbed her little bellyand gave her warm kisses and rapped her up and let her sleep quietly.

My concerns with new parents blog 4

some concerns im having with newly generation parents they're way to young ,and when your a young parent ; we tend not have patients for things, for example feeling distant an or angry at the baby and making new adjustments to their schedule.so i looked up an article about a woman and a man who beet there little girl to death because she wouldnt stop crying and they were persumed drunk on the scene.my issuse is babys being hurt because of irresponsible parents ,thery're just being them selves they dont know any better. i feel that when parents splt up i has an effect on the kid and their emotions bceuse as a kid you learn of what you see or what might your romodels in your life may show or express so i would advise parents to think of there actions are ad the consequences that follow because if your not ready and you do go thru this life exprience you will suffer hard because evey day is a challenge and to add a baby with that challenge is like 2x the stress, you'll need to know how to juggel every thing and keep your cool at the same time.

blog 5 The last memories together

for the past 7 days iv been caring around my wonerful baby kayla although ther were some challenges it all pulled thru and it wasnt that hard because i watch my brothers and sister all the time it became a little easy. some challenges that i face were kepping up with they baby and remembering to bring it with me, the strugel of carrying them in one hand and my lap top and my back pack in the other. it felt fun doing this experience because it showed me how to be responsible and how to keep up with things. when i did this experience i was judge in the begining only because they didnt let me explain what we were doing this for and that it was a fake baby so i was being stereityped so yeah that was a problem i faced with doing this project. what i like most about this project was no matter how fake my baby was it felt real to me i treated her like she was my real daughter we ate cand to gether i gave her hugs and kisses we took pictures together so yeah i did how fun with this project.