The Pirate's Log

Week of March 21, 2016

2 Hour Early Release~March 23

Teachers will meet in Lori Conkey's classroom @ 1:40ish.

Update: Paraprofessionals from the entire district will be meeting at Furry from 2:00-3:30/4:00 in our library.

We'll be spending a majority of our 2 hour early release with Officer Tonya reviewing parts of our crisis plan and answering questions.

Other topics:

  • Tammy, Brandi and Sarah R. will be sharing a few things they learned at a PD they attended in February...Oppositional Defiant and Disruptive Children and Adolescents
  • Updates on Unpacking the Standards
  • I'm sure a few other things will pop up too, but I also want to give you time to get to a "stopping point" before we leave for spring break.

Be sure to stop by the office workroom to pick up a snack before you head to your meetings!

End of 3rd Quarter

The quarter ends on March 24.

All grades are due in PowerSchool by noon on Tuesday, April 5. Grades will be shared electronically with our families that afternoon.

Problem Solving Team Follow-Ups

I scheduled a bunch of follow-up meetings with our children who we have been meeting about in our Problem Solving Team.

If I'm missing anyone, please let me know so we can get it scheduled before the end of the year.

Perkins Police Department Training

The Perkins Police Department will be using our building during the evenings of March 28-29 during our Spring Break for training. It has been requested that there are no staff in the building during their training.

PM Bathroom Visits

We've been having a lot of children asking to use the restroom during bus dismissal. Please remind your children to use the restroom before leaving your classroom. We've had to hold several busses while we wait for children who are in the bathroom.

Bus Changes!

We have received our new school bus (bus #19). It has been inspected and approved to be used. We are shuffling some buses around so that we can move bus #5 into our spare fleet due to its age and it having over 200,000 miles on it. The drivers will begin using their newly assigned buses on March 21, but they will use magnetic numbers to display the current bus number and will still refer to themselves as their current buses. When we return from Spring Break, they will no longer use the magnetic numbers and they will begin to refer to themselves as the new bus numbers. The drivers have been instructed to let the students know about the change.

PM Kiddie Korral will be bus #19

PM shuttle to PHS will be bus #6

PM bus #5 will be bus #6

AM & PM bus #6 will be bus #11

The Kiddie Korral and Shuttle busses should not be a big deal to our students since we refer to those busses as "Kiddie Korral" and "Shuttle".

I'll work on getting the signs changed in the gym and hang a reminder note in a few places to help us remember.

Pirate Gear...Support our Perkins Baseball Team

Per Ashlee's email:

Just a quick note if anyone else would like to get some pirate gear. We have to get up to 39 items to place an order and we are only at 20. I will keep it open next week and see where we get with it. If we do not get enough I will return the checks to those of you who wanted to order. So sorry for the inconvenience but hopefully we can get enough orders.

Book Wars...The Reader Awakens!

T-Shirt Order forms will be going home with our students on Monday!

Thanks to Stephanie Dubois for organizing this for us!

Our next Right to Read Week meeting will be Monday, April 11 @ 3:40!

All are invited to attend!

SLO Scores

Our SLO scores are due April 15.

Just a make it easier on you...

Go ahead and get your SLO assessments completed before Spring Break. This way, you'll have time to score and complete your SLO score sheets when you return after spring break. Your score sheets will be waiting for you after Spring Break.

Jenn's Schedule for the Week:


  • Mtg. in Lorain-AM
  • Observation @ 1:15
  • Apple Care w/ Tim @ 8:10
  • Building Better Readers @ 8:10
  • Mtg. @ 9:10
  • Mtg. @ 9:50
  • 2 Hour Early Release
  • ASC @ 2:45?


  • Unpacking the Standards @ 8:10
  • Scheduling @ ASC-AM
  • Mtg. @ 1:30
  • Mtg. @ 2:30
  • I'll be here for most of the morning and then a little bit in the afternoon.

Dates to Remember

March 20-27

  • Ohio Severe Weather Safety Week

March 21

  • Special Ed. Mtg. @ 8:10

March 22

  • Apple Care w/ Tim @ 8:10 in the Computer Lab

March 23

  • Building Better Readers Presentation (Allison, Megen and Jackie) @ 8:10
  • 2 Hour Early Release

March 24

  • End of 3rd Quarter/Last Day!
  • Unpacking the Standards @ 8:10
  • Art to Remember Orders Due

March 25

  • Spring Break Begins~No School!

March 28-April 1

  • Spring Break

March 28-29

  • Perkins Police Department Training (They're using our schools for training during our break. If you see them, please do not enter the building.)

April 4

  • Back to School!
  • PTO Meeting @ 3:45

April 5

  • Unpacking the Standards @ 8:10

April 7

  • Unpacking the Standards @ 8:10

April 8

  • First Friday~2nd Grade
  • March Reward Day

April 11

  • Right to Read Week Meeting @ 3:40

April 12

  • Unpacking the Standards @ 8:10
  • New Kindergarten Open House @ 6:00-7:00

April 13

  • Darren Conley @ 8:10...PBIS Toolkit
  • Board Meeting @ 6:00

April 14

  • Unpacking the Standards @ 8:10

April 15

  • Fundations Inventories Due
  • SLO Scores Due

April 19

  • Darren Conley @ 8:10...PBIS Toolkit
  • Fundations Coaching Visit

April 21

  • Unpacking the Standards @ 8:10
  • LPDC @ 3:30

April 25-29

  • Kindergarten Screening

April 25

  • Special Ed. Mtg. @ 8:10
  • LandLab Mtg. @ 3:45

April 26

  • Unpacking the Standards @ 8:10

April 28

  • Unpacking the Standards @ 8:10
  • 1st Grade Practice @ PHS 12:30

April 29

  • 1st Grade Continent Show @ PHS 1:00