The Most Dangerous Game

By: Evan Johnson, Grant Johnson, and Nate Mauck

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The POV is 3rd Person Limited

We know that it is 3rd person Limited, because it is only showing Sanger Rainsford's thoughts and feelings. It has dialogue of other people, but not their other feelings. It also uses the pronouns of he, she, and him.


Sanger Rainsford was a big game hunter who fell off a boat, and swam to a mysterious island. On the island he finds tracks, and follows them to a house. When he gets there, he meets General Zaroff who reveals his plan to hunt Sanger down. In the hunt, Rainsford gets a head start, and has to survive for 3 days. He does, and ends up killing the general in his own bedroom.


The Most Dangerous Game is a very interesting book. We thought that the book was very well thought out and had good structure. It kept us wanting to read more of it. Some parts of it were kind of hard to understand, but overall, it was a great book.


Literary Devices

Personification - The blood-warm waters of the Caribbean Sea dozed over his head.

Hyperbole - It's so dark that I could sleep without closing my eyes.

Simile - Tomorrow you'll feel like a new man, I'll wager.

Video Summary

The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell (Review) - Minute Book Report
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