New to Red Clay News

September 2, 2022

Important Dates

September 2nd-No School

September 5th-No School/Offices Labor Day

September 13th-No School/Staff In-service

September 26th-No School/Rosh Hashanah

Lead Mentor Meetings/"Touching Base"

October 4th, December 7th, February 7th and April 4th~4:30-5:30

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 825 8389 5587

New User Account~Important News from the Tech Office


USER ID = firstname.lastname

PWD = RC$Birthmonth(January)Birthyear(19XX) (CASE SENSITIVE)

Redclay Email :

Google Account =

PWD = Same Password as the log in to the computer

Classlink = Use your Google ( account info to log in

INCIDENT IQ LOG ON = Use your Google ( account info to log in

DSC = Clink on the link and follow the directions-


Promissory Notes~Payment Cannot Begin Until This Is Received

Attached you will find your promissory note. Please do the following:

  • Review
  • Sign/complete
  • Scan a copy to my email (Subject Line: your first/last name Promissory Note
  • Retain a copy or the email for your records (This will help if there is ever question regarding your “Note”.)
  • Current phone number
  • Current Address
  • Birth Date

Make sure submission has been acknowledged. Once it is acknowledged, it goes on file in Dr. Armstrong's office and the business office.

The first payment will be a live check for all new employees, after which automatic deposit will begin. After this information is received, it is in the hands of the Business office. If other information is needed, they will notify employees.

Mentoring Reminder

Do all of the teachers in your building year 1 & 2 have a mentor?

NEW INFORMATION: Year 3 and 4 Do not need a mentor, but they do need to attend monthly meetings.

Monthly Mentor Meetings-Friendly Reminder

Please create a google link with your monthly mentor meeting schedule. It is also important to capture individual meeting opportunities.

Include the date, day, time, topic and a link to your minutes. I would love to visit! If I can't visit, minutes will help me determine if someone is in need of additional support. It is important to be explicit in your note taking where appropriate.

Send the information no later than Friday, September 9th to Dr. Armstrong's attention.

Below you will find the mentor/mentee agreements. There was a slight adjustment from the forms sent on Friday, The agreement must be signed by the end of September. Please do the following:

  • Year 1-4 novice staff-Mentee form
  • Mentors-Mentoring Agreement
Ensure all novice staff have a mentor.

Update mentor/mentee list on this link. Look for the tab with your school name on the bottom.

Subject Line Example: Richey Mentor/Mentee Agreements

  • Scan no later than Friday, September 30th
  • If you are in need of mentor manuals, let me know and I will deliver them or send through district mail.
  • If you are in need of the year 3 Assessment book for the book study, let me know and I will deliver or sent them through district mail.

A note of clarification: Mentees do not receive monetary compensation for their participation. Mentees receive credit toward their continuing license. The previous document sent did note such, but was incorrect.

Where do I upload my mentoring assignments? (Teachers in Year 1-4)

Last year the assignments were uploaded in Schoology. There is an attempt to streamline the process. Please maintain your own records for now. The process to submit will be shared in the weeks to come.

Make sure your "plays" are complete in Playbook. They are released at the beginning of the month and should be complete by the end of the month.

Repeating Information

New Teacher/Specialists Mentoring Expectation at a Glance (Excludes Nurses as They Have Their Own Expectations)

Year 1 and 2 -Expect the following:

  • Weekly face-to-face conversations with your mentor (will provided real-time or near real time support/feedback)
  • Four (4) observation/feedback cycles by the mentor
  • Will observe veteran educators in practice four times (via videos or in person)
  • Participate in two state (2) professional learning workshops
  • Participate in two (2) required district mentoring workshops (If you attended the August 10th session, you are half-way there!)
  • Complete online ethics course (first year only) This comes from Tiffany Green-DOE. She registers the mentees and they get an email from NSDTEC in October.

Year 3-Expect the following:

  • Professional Learning Community (PLC) team book study (to be facilitated by mentor but lead by mentees)
  • Review text chapters prior to PLC team meetings (6 required chapters)
  • Implement strategies discussed during PLC meeting (to be observed by mentor)
  • Produce evidence to share at follow-up PLC meeting
  • Final refection at the end of year 3 (written)
  • Lead a minimum of one PLC meeting
  • The books are at district office, please feel free to stop by to pick up what you need.

Year 4-Expect the following:

  • Conduct a self-analysis (Pedagogical Skills and Content-Related Skills)
  • Identify areas of strength and areas for growth (select one area of growth)
  • Action research, individual or group book study, lesson study, college courses, or other professional learning as approved and aligned with self-analysis)
  • Present Professional Learning Plan via digital presentation (May 2023)

*The lead teacher has a list of names and your phase. Utilize the bound mentoring book distributed at the new employee orientation as your detailed guide. This should only serve as an overview.

New This Year for Building Lead Teachers

  • Playbook Assignments-Available the beginning of the month and must be completed by the end of the month.

When accessing Playbook: The URL: Please bookmark or save so that you will be able to easily get back to it.

  • Everyone uses their work email address for user name ( everything is case sensitive)
  • If you are a returning user, the password is whatever was set last year when you began using Playbook
  • If you are new to Playbook, the password is Welcome1 (case sensitive) then you will be prompted to change it to your own personal password
  • Passwords are not known to anyone but the user so please be sure to keep record of what you set it as and also pay attention to uppercase/lowercase letters