Mrs. Flynn's Classroom Newsletter

September, 2020

Great Start to What Will Be a Great Year!

Although some procedures at Sunflower are different than what they normally are, we are doing everything possible to create as "normal" learning environment as possible. The students are doing a wonderful job of wearing their masks. I'm really proud of how they have stepped up to the plate. We didn't get to have our usual third grade orientation and I would like to make sure you have access to resources and information regarding our class.

1. Letter grades - third grade starts receiving letter grades for their classwork and tests. The best way to monitor is to make sure you have your Infinite Campus login. Not only can you monitor their grades, but you can check their lunch account and receive important messages from the school and district - for example -picture day information. If you don't have or have issues with login in - call the office at 913-294-8040 and they will help you to get in.

2. Homework: The third grade team decided that homework was to read at a minimum of 20 minutes a night and to work on math facts throughout the week. In their planner is a reading log section for each day - students should write down the title of the book and the number of minutes read each day and have a parent sign the planner. Students are able to check out three books from the library they can take home and are able to read books in the classroom from my library - if students are reading a chapter book from my library they may take it home.

3. Late Work/Missing Work - I'll mark assignments as missing if they are late - this helps me track work if a student has fallen behind. As long as it is not a test, students can take uncompleted work home to get caught up. If the student doesn't take the work home and is falling behind - they will work on it during recess. Students only spend one recess a day working on late work - they won't miss both of them.

4. Assessments - The students took the Star test - reading level test - this week and were given their reading level zones - their zone is considered a just right fit - not too easy - not too challenging. Next week on the 8th and 9th we are taking the reading and math MAP test. This is the assessment that students in the district take from 1st thru 12th grade. We use the data to see where a student's needs are and then use interventions to help fill that need.

5. Extra Credit - Students have ample opportunity for extra credit in the classroom. Anything extra they do at home - spelling practice, writing out math problems, extra educational online activities, and such. Students either bring in the work that was done - or if it was online have them write in their planner what they did have a parent sign off on it. Students have bookmarked the educational sites we use in the classroom if they login to chrome with their school account. I've also had them listed in our Google Classroom. The students have labels in the back of their planner with their google login info and xtra math (math facts) log

in info.

6. Third Grade Website - Our grade level website has information and tons of resources. The school newsletter is embedded on the first page so you always have access to it. On our communications page, each of our stories is listed with the strategies and skills for that week along with the story read aloud. At the beginning of the week, the students will write in their planner with the unit, week, and title of the story. They will also include the Unit and lesson number for math and chapter and lesson for social studies.

7. Birthday Treats Birthday treats are now required to be store-bought and individually packaged. At this time we are not allowed homemade treats. Visitors are not allowed in the building so the students will need to be able to carry the treats into school. Some ideas of what we've done so far - ice cream treats, chips, candy bars - other ideas: granola bars, fruit snacks, and crackers.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above items.

Water Bottles

Students need a water bottle every day. Water fountains are closed but we do have water bottle stations where they can fill up their bottle.


All students now are able to have free breakfast and lunch. Please if your child is going to eat breakfast to get here between 7:30 and 7:55 am.

Recess - Outdoor Educational Area

Sunflower has added to our outdoor educational area. The kids had a blast playing and exploring with the new items. Note about recess - We've divided our playground into 5. Classes are assigned to a particular station and then rotate each day. Students are not allowed to mix with other classes at this time. Students receive two 15 minute recesses each day.

Picture Day

Friday, Sep. 11th, 8am

Our School

Go to and use the order code: 52563CA, to order pictures and pay for them online. No order forms will be sent home. All payments will be done online.