WANTED: Chinese Mitten Crab

Liz McArdle


  • Eriocheir Sinensis
  • The Borrow Bandit

What to Look For

  • Hair (especially on claws)
  • Claws resembling mittens with white tips
  • Light brown in color
  • Square shaped shell

Last Seen in Eastern Asia

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Preferred Habitat

  • Slow moving water
  • Borrow and hide amongst aquatic weeds, gravel, or sand
  • 50-77 degrees F
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  • The crabs have a tendency to burrow in loose soil which can create excessive erosion and can lead to flooding
  • Negative effects on fishing, the crabs tend to steal the bait and rip through netting
  • They can spread the disease mammalian lung fluke which can potentially spread this and seriously damage the ecosystems they have invaded


  • Protection against dangerous flooding and erosion
  • Protection from the spread of specific diseases that can damage both wildlife and plant life
  • Economically the extraction of this species will increase profits for the fish market
  • Capture and control of this species will also provide you with eternal glory