Here, we give to you reasons -our own reasons-. We are helping you to think by yourself about this topic because that's what we really want. At the same time, you're thinking of what I have just said. If you don't believe that studying Philosophy is important, what are you doing? Are you thinking by yourself about this or not? Is Philosophy influencing right now in your own understanding? Do you think that it's not important? Then, continue reading and know why. Start daring to know.
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Why do we have to defend it?

We've all ever thought philosophically in our lives. We try to find answers for some questions that have different ways to interpret and reply. So, defending Philosophy is necessary for all of us to open our minds and enlarge our own knowledge.

More reasons:

Philosophy teach us how to set out the good things to our future and how to distinguish good and bad to don’t be convinced for do bad things.

If this subject disappears, we won’t have a moral training.

All of us must to have (as philosophers) a teacher who guides us through knowledge and wisdom.

Knowing some concepts is important to move on in the future.

What does Philosophy teach?

-It helps us to know how did people think in other ages.

-It helps to contrast what is good or bad, to think by ourselves and to take up our own decisions.

-It allow us to confront situations applying the learned.

-It provides us the necessary questions for the deepest everyday questions.

- The philosophy is also used to analyze and clarify some complex ideas of Ethics, politics and science -among others-.

Defensa de la Filosofía en 50 segundos

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