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Friday 17th July 2020

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Phew! We made it! Messages from Mrs R

What a team!

Nothing has ever said 'team' to me like the last few months at school has. The Brayton staff have pulled together, bent over backwards and given blood, sweat and tears to support me in running things throughout the pandemic. I won't say that it has been the most enjoyable year of my career, but it has certainly been one of the most interesting! Every day I thank the Lord for bringing me to Brayton, and the staff team is just one of the reasons why.

Year 6 Leavers

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Y6 - together they SHONE as one

Well - it wasn't the Y6 that we planned for them. We were so disappointed not to be able to organise all the usual Y6 rites of passage. However, the teachers have tried so hard to make this last few weeks fun for them. They will certainly be taking some unusual memories away with them!

This week the teachers laid on a special sports day, a forest school day, a couch potato day (with domino pizza no less!) and an outdoor disco.

Their last day was sad and momentous with the release of their Leavers' Book and a fabulous Leavers' video on Facebook.

A new tradition was also born today, as the leavers finished with a 'bell parade' through the playgrounds with the rest of the school cheering and clapping them on, out onto the village green and into a spontaneously (and socially distantly) formed tunnel of proud parents who, as a nice surprise, had all turned out to pick them up instead of having them walk home alone.

Say Goodbye Day - Monday 20th July - for those children who didn't return this term only.

We are really looking forward to seeing some of you in your hour slots on Monday. You can either come in your uniform or your own clothes - we don't mind what you wear - it will just be nice to see you!

Retirement regards

Goodbye and thankyou to Mrs Chrissie Thompson and Mrs Linda Chadwick

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These two Teaching Assistants have been at Brayton for 21 and 20 years respectively. Mrs Thompson's kind and calm manner was always appreciated by the children that she supported in the classroom and Mrs Chadwick was also a valued member of the school PTA and Governing Body. They have seen many children, many staff and many parents come and go. Their friends are now sad to see them go too, but we all wish them a very happy retirement. Thanks ladies and goodbye!

Next year

I am already on with arrangements and risk assessments for September opening. The MAT 'signs off' my initial plans mid-August so please look out for my communications after this.
School will still look a little odd in September but it will be much more normal-like. There will still be guidance to follow, restrictions, distancing, hygiene routines, curriculum changes and different ways of communicating with you all. However - we are very much looking forward to working with you and welcoming back all of our children.

To be completely open and honest with you all.....

We know that this has been a really difficult year for some of our school families. Staff have felt the burden of providing support alongside some tough times personally too. We have families of our own with all the worries and responsibilities that COVID brought to all our homes and some of us have been really ill too while trying to keep the distance learning and key worker cover going smoothly.

We have tried to communicate, help, listen and provide as much as we could do over the last four months. If we have done well for you, that's great and makes us feel glad. If you would have liked your child to return and I couldn't make that happen for you I'm truly sorry about that. The wider opening of school last month was probably the most difficult situation to manage - so much disappointment for the children who couldn't return. It was difficult to shoulder that, but shoulder it we had to!

Going forward, we will be hoping that we never have to use the track and trace system and never have to use remote learning, but if we do, we are developing our use of IT constantly in preparation. Some of our families have been trialling the use of google classrooms with me. We have had a few technology glitches but we are learning.


To you parents for your kindness and generosity, patience and encouragement. You sent us so many positive and lovely emails, words through the gate, Facebook comments and messages. They made us feel loved and appreciated - we hope that's how we make your children feel.

To the Staff for being incredible - positive, cheerful, pragmatic, self sacrificing and professional.

To the Governing Body and Starmat for being amazingly supportive and caring.

To our wonderful, funny, lovable, quirky, kind, sensitive and hardworking children - thankyou for being you but please be the most wonderful and wellbehaved version of you for your parents over the next few weeks!

I'll see you all back here in September when........

Together we will CONTINUE to shine!

Mrs R

Proudest Headteacher ever

Have a great Summer - stay safe, alert and cautious! Thanks for all your continued support - Mrs R - Proud Headteacher

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