Monday Announcements

April 27, 2015


  • Sig Nu mixer - Thursday 10pm
  • DKE darty - Friday 2-4pm
  • Phi Sig pregame - Friday 9pm
  • TBD darty - Saturday
  • Sig Ep mixer - Saturday 10pm
  • Pike Darty - Sunday after chapter
  • Senior Wills! - May 5th @ Llenroc
  • Seniors: sign up for: KD Field Days (May 2) and Wine Tour (May 20)
  • Kraftee's Book Buyback: May 11-15



Makin' Moves for Mili:

Pictured: ​Mili (left) and her little, Dori (abroad)

  • Thank you again to everyone who came out! We raised $1,348 this year!!! Last year we raised about $700 ish so you should ALL be extremely proud of yourselves. :) 10% will go towards the memorial tree for those who passed away in the Class of 2015 and the rest will go to the John Taylor Babbit Foundation. RIP Mili Mandic <3
  • Special thanks to Steph Kleiner who procured the Red Jacket juice we used.
  • Everyone will receive a wristband. They will be in your mailboxes if you haven't gotten one already!

Kraftee's Book Buyback:

  • What: Every semester Kraftee's pays us to use our house as a hub for students to come and sell their books back. We get a percentage of the proceeds (which will go towards PCAA!) but if you are selling your books back, you'll get the same price the regular Kraftee's would give you.
  • When: May 11-15th from 9AM - 5PM
  • Where: Kappa Delta (109 Triphammer Road)
  • How you can help: Tell your friends! PC' 15 ESPECIALLY TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO COME SELL THEIR BOOKS BACK HERE! Since we are on North Campus most of our business comes from freshmen. Also, everyone else should come and sell their books back.

Phi Tau See-Saw:

  • When: May 5th (Time TBD)
  • Where: Ho Plaza
  • Stay tuned for sign-ups!

Derby Days (participation is voluntary, but if you're interested in participating more you can talk to Josselyn!):

Dear Women of Kappa Delta,

Thank you for supporting Children's Miracle Network and the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Derby Days 2015!

New this year for Derby Days, donations can be made online by team members and by family/friends outside of your sorority and beyond the Cornell community. These donations will go directly to support the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

We especially encourage you to send this link ( to anyone you know who may have been impacted by Cancer. Donations can be made in the name of a specific individual and/or with a specific message.

At the end of the week, teams will receive points for reaching various donation thresholds and for meeting their team goal.

Keep in mind that 30% of proceeds from Derby Days go to the national organizations supported by the top-placing sororities. Thank you for doing an amazing job on your banner!


Sigma Chi Fraternity

Motivational Monday:

Every small act of kindness is important :)

VP Standards - Madeline Miceli

Hi ladies,

Thank you to Bridget and Ashlyn for planning a wonderful Spring formal. PLEASE MESSAGE ME, if you are interested in sobering the mixer at Llenroc on slope day. Sobering for slope day just means that you must be present at the mixer from 10-12 in the morning, then you are free to go on your merry way. I will be picking from the sober pool tomorrow around 1 pm.



Secretary - Kimmi

VP Finance - Maddie Gerrick

Hey everyone!

Please fill out this google form as soon as possible indicating your status for the upcoming fall semester. let me know if you have any questions!




Girl Scout Chair - Miranda Deane

Hey guys-

Sadly we did not have any interest from the Girl Scouts so we will not have the Campus Tour event Saturday :(

We have had a great semester though, and I am excited to start planning next semester's events! Once the appointed officer positions have been announced we can meet and start planning!

Good luck during finals everyone!


PACE Chair - Nikki Moore

Hey everyone! Thank you all for participating during my "Enlarging Our World" presentation during chapter yesterday! As I had mentioned, I compiled a little sheet of tipping, clothing, greeting, and other customs from around the world. If you're not too busy this week, feel free to take a look! If you're going somewhere exciting and new anytime soon and want to read up, here's a great site/blog about manners and traditions in various cultures:


your friendly neighborhood PACE Chair, Nikki <3

Senior Club Chair


YO YO get pumped bc these next few weeks are JAM PACKED with tons of fun events. Please read everything carefully!



  1. A day of drinking and frivolity, filled with good sportsmanship and fun!

  2. A celebration of four years of debauchery with your BFFS

  3. The best day of your young life

The events for the field days shall remain a mystery until the day of, but in preparation for the event you will need to form teams of four with other seniors (PC ‘12 & PC ‘13). On the sheet the first spot is reserved for the team captain, who will be responsible for getting instructions from Vera & Alyssa and reporting about the results of their competitions. This will keep the events running smoothly and allow us to have as much fun as possible. Some events will require your entire team to participate, while for other events you will nominate an individual to represent your team. Feel free to come up with names/mascots & GET PUMPEDDDD.

Sign your team up here:

​2. Senior Wills:

For senior wills we will be telling our most epic of epic collegiate tales, CONCISELY. You are welcome to tell your story alone, or if it involves friends then tell it with them as well! After story telling you will will your belongings and then have a great time listening to everyone else's stories! Sign up for your storytelling on the doc below!!


Alyssa & Beera


For those of you who have filled out the social survey, you da real mvps. Everyone else, keep filling it out please!…/15wgBBkboAurIt4JN8YqQE4…/viewform…
THURSDAY- Sig Nu @ 10pm rides from the house and Shwartz Theme: TBD
FRIDAY AFTERNOON - Darty with DKE from 2-4 pm @ 119 College Ave
FRIDAY NIGHT - Pregame for Phi Sig's open party @9 the party will open up around 10:30 and the theme is Summer Music Festival! So break out your flower crowns, crop tops, and high-waisted shorts! (Or anything summery)
SATURDAY NIGHT: SigEp @ 10 rides from the house and Shwartz Theme: TBD
SUNDAY DAY - Darty after chapter with Pike!
This is the last weekend of mixers for the semester so please try to come to as much as you can!!!!
****Thank you to our awesome sober monitor volunteers! If you change your mind about sobering, please find a replacement!

Don’t forget about sober driving also! Leave your name and phone number in the sober column!


See you ALL there!!!!
xoxo socialz