The Music Room Beat

Ms. Richmond's Music Classroom Newsletter

What We Learned in Room #356 this Week:

The Kindergarten music class enjoyed moving to music this week. By moving to the music freely, the students expressed how the song made them feel. Many of the students marched happily about the room as they listened to John Phillip Sousa's marches. The students also enjoyed acting like ballerinas as they listened to Tchaikovksy's The Nutcracker.

The First grade class is practicing their rhythmical note and rest names. They are working really hard to memorize the different names and counts that go along with the different rhythm symbols. They are learning quickly and are starting to see their progress.

In the Music Class this week, the 2nd grade students learned about the different branches within the instrument family. They also learned the names and how to identify individual instruments from the Brass, Percussion, and Woodwind families. The students had fun getting to experiment with the instruments and their sounds. Most of the students enjoyed the maracas and the xylophones (both from the percussive family) the best.

The 3rd grade students enjoyed learning about Musical forms. They learned that the ABA means that there are two different phrases. The first phrase is labelled as "A" and the second phrase is "B". After the "A" phrase and "B" phrase have been played through once, the "A" phrase is repeated again. The students really enjoyed singing ABA form songs, such as Hot Cross Buns and Hickory Dickory Dock.

As for the 4th grade students, they started introduction to recorder lessons. They really enjoyed learning how to hold the recorder and how to blow into it. They also learned how to play a 'G' on the recorder. They are looking forward to learning the next couple of notes, so that they can play their first song.

The Beginning Band class enjoyed learning how to put their instruments together this week. They also practiced holding their instruments and blowing into their mouth pieces. They all enjoyed making different "squawks" and "buzzes" on their instruments.

Upcoming Events & Reminders

Kindergarten parents, please remember to send plastic easter eggs with your student this upcoming Monday. Students will be making homemade shakers (maracas) to use in class and take home afterwards.

Parents of 4th grade and Beginning Band students, please remember to sign and return the field trip permission slip for the Symphony by next Friday. The field trip is scheduled for the 11th of January, but permission slips need to be sent in early for ticket purchasing. Students going to this performance will also need a sack lunch packed. Additional reminders will be sent out closer to the field trip date.

Interesing Music Facts and Jokes

Simon & Garfunkel, one of the most famous duos of all time, were originally called Tom & Jerry.

What is a trombone?
A slide whistle with thoughts of grandeur.
Disney's Fantasia 2000: Rhapsody in Blue

Song of the Week

This week's song is mainly know as being from Fantasia 2000. However, it's renown has been around a lot longer than twelve years. Rhapsody in Blue is was composed by George Gerswin's in 1924 . With elements of classical music and jazz music, this song written for solo piano and jazz band has become a classic. It has been rearranged many times for orchestra, band, and other groups of varying size. It has been used in pop culture and is still revered as being one of Gerswhin's finest accomplishments.

Symphony Concert Field Trip

Friday, Jan. 11th, 9am

Concert Hall

The fourth and fifth graders will be going on a field trip to hear the Symphony Orchestra perform Rhapsody in Blue live, as well as, additional pieces from composers such as Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Whitacre, and others.