Million Word Club

Booth Elementary School


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The 8th grade class at Booth was the FIRST of the upper grades to read one million words. Students will celebrate by watching The Book Thief and enjoying Krispy Kreme donuts during Ms. Sirach's class next week!

Think you can read one million words?

Once you read one million words, GOOD things will happen! Like...

  • You will receive a FREE Million Word Club tshirt
  • Your name and picture will appear in the Booth Buzz and on the school website
  • You will receive a VIP invitation to the end of the year Million Word Club party
  • You will make Ms. Sirach's heart really happy

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Current Scores:

5th: 942,071 words

6th: 477,567 words

7th: 833,796 words

8th: 1,305,683 words