South Korea

By: Angela Vo 3rd block, 3/21/2016

Geographic Information

Capital: Seoul, South Korea

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Political Information

Type of Government: Constitutional republic

Head of State: President Park Geun-hye

Head of Government: Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn

  • South Korea was colonized once by Japan.

Demographic Information

Country's population: 49,115,196

Official language: Korean (Hangul)

Religions: Christianity (32%total); Roman Catholic (8%); Protestant (24%); Buddhism (24%); No religious beliefs (over 40%)

Life expectancy: 78 (male); 85 (female)

Literacy rate: 94% (male); 97% (female)

HDI: 15 of 187 countries

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Economic Information

Currency: Won

Exchange rate with US Dollar: 1 won= $0.00086

Total GDP: $1,786 billions

Per capita GDP: $35,400

Main economic activities: Manufacturing(electronics, automobiles) and service occupations

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