Khrystal Epps

Modeling Student for Barbizon Modeling

Hi I am Khrystal! I am 16 years old and a aspiring new model. Modeling has always been my dream! In order to turn my dream into a reality I need to sell 150 ads in a magazine to earn my tuition and also to be eligible for a $100,000 scholarship for any college of my choice! Not only am I selling ads I am also selling raffle tickets. Even though I am a modeling student, In college I want to major in psychology. And one day be a Child Psychiatrist .

Why it would be beneficial to you?

I believe it would be beneficial for businesses because it would be advertisement for your company. People from South Carolina, New Jersey, and even New York will see it. With the raffle tickets im selling you could win a $50 gas card a $100 Walmart card or even a $150 best buy Card .


Ads start at $2 for just your name $5 for 1 paragraph $10 for half of a page and $25 for your business advertisement or pictures!!!! All raffle tickets are $2.!!!! Thank you In advance for your support!!!!