Team Awesome

February 3-7

Special Guest This Friday

Holocaust survivor Elane Geller will speak about her World War II era experiences at West Jackson Middle School this Friday.

Today, Geller is a representative of the Outreach Program of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. Silent for almost 35 years, she has felt compelled to speak out for the past 20 years on the dangers of silence and apathy. Geller travels across the country sharing her experiences with others so they can understand the effects of discrimination.

Language Arts

This week in ELA, we'll watch a documentary about one town's efforts to understand the scope of the Holocaust, we'll work on our reading and our writing, and we'll learn about different types of folklore. Submissions for the Young Georgia Authors competition are due Friday.


This week we will be continuing the climate/weather unit. Students will practice their writing skills by describing two demonstrations and how they relate to movement of air in the atmosphere. Our class will learn how to read surface maps about air pressure and temperature.

The study guide for the unit was given out last Friday. Be sure to study at least 10-15 minutes each night!


Regular Math: Continuing work on our ratio and proportions unit. Due to the snow days, our test will be postponed until next week. Unit test will be Tuesday 2/11 and performance task Wednesday 2/12.

We will go to the computer lab on Tuesday to take a placement test on "Moby Max". This website will determine each student's proficiency on math standards and provide practice on their individual level. The link will be posted on our website. Please encourage your child to practice math at home at Each student has their login and will know how to access and what to do after Tuesday.

Look for math maintenance this week!

Advanced Math -We will continue our work on ratio and proportions. We will finish learning our 7th grade standards this week and first part of next week. I "tentatively" plan our test for the latter part of next week.

POW: NO NEW POW this week. Students should complete "Puzzling Percents" if they have not already.

Social Studies

We are still working on Australia. Our test will be Thursday of NEXT week, February 13. Remind your child to complete their reading. We will be getting our study guides soon.