OCPL Weekly Update

March 26, 2015


Mahan Library

Not much to report. Right now, I'm looking at the adult nonfiction collection to see which subjects circulate well, and where I think it might be advantageous to add more titles. I just started the process, but it's been interesting so far.

I also wanted to remind everybody of an upcoming library event a week from today (April 2nd). Food blogger Ashlee Clark Thompson will be discussing her upcoming book Louisville Diners. The event is being held in the Nature Center at Mahan and starts at 6:30. Come by if you get a chance. Many thanks to Bethany for arranging this program!

See you next week!



Well, it's seems as though I've been up at the desk quite a bit this week and have not made much progress on the training manual revisions. But time at the reference desk has allowed me to do some more re-labeling of the reference books that will be moving to circulating, so that project is coming along. Bethany gave Trisha and I a tour of the media lab and it looks great!

Julie had an extended conversation with an irate patron this morning about being sent to collections. I would like to remind everyone that patrons are not credit reported unless they are delinquent more than 5 months. So that is something to pass on to patrons that may be concerned. If you are not familiar with the process of sending someone to collections please ask your manager or myself for details.

In the meantime, Julie and I are working on a possible solution to ensure that this patron's situation does not reoccur.

Have a great weekend (hopefully the last cold one!)


Main Circ & Teens

Thanks to everyone for encouraging patrons to vote in the Character Clash! It's been fun talking to patrons about their favorite characters. We have three rounds left.

I will be at SOHS tomorrow for the Reality Store all day. I can check email on my phone if anyone needs me.

Next week for Teens: Book Besties on Monday

Wacky Wednesday for April Fools' Day! Each of our libraries will have 10 things that patrons have to spot that will be out of whack--if they find all 10, they can be entered for a gift card drawing. Look for more details on Monday. We are still working on formulating the wacky ideas :) If you have one for your branch, see me, Graham or Vicki M. I am promoting this to teens but don't care who participates :)


South Oldham Library

We just today finished up our Reference project. We've cleared out 2 sections in the Reference area and will begin the process of cleaning shelves and shifting books. Whew! I will contact the prison librarians to see if they're interested in any of the old reference titles that we have weeded. Thanks, Susan, for the suggestion!

ALERT: We need about 6 more metal shelves with the side brackets, so if any of you have any to spare, PLEASE let me know!

We had an odd encounter with a patron yesterday. She came into the library with 42 pages that she wanted faxed. When Julie told her it would be $1.00 per page, she insisted that someone at Main had told her we fax for free! Julie suggested that perhaps she had called LFPL, but she was adamant that it was OCPL. Then she said that since libraries were on the demise she assumed that this would be a service we would offer. Really?! Since our interest was peaked, Julie decided to call LFPL to inquire about their fax services and was told that they will fax job resumes for free, but they do absolutely no faxing for the public other than that. Interesting...



Things in Childrens are going well. We just finished Lego Robotics and had a great group.

Coming up:

  • Scrapbook Babies 10 AM at Main on Thursday
  • Drop-in Crafts 4-5:30 PM at Mahan on Thursday
  • Toddler Time, Story Time, Afterschool Adventures & Book Besties proceed as usual.

Here is a link to the Children's page if you have any questions about programs: http://www.oldhampl.org/children.htm



We're getting the Digital Media Lab set up this week, which is really exciting (see pictures).
Earlier this week, I got to present the library's digital services to the Friend's of the Library group. They are in love with Flipster. Speaking of Flipster, check out the addition to the home page and the ebook page- a revolving display of magazines! Clicking on one will take you directly to the issue.

Seed library seems to be going well. I love hearing about the patrons who are so excited to get gardening! We're all ready for spring.


Tech Services

We are churning along at a good rate in Tech Services, adding new materials, repairing things, converting Reference materials to circulating non-fiction, etc.

I read this interesting (short) article about the advance of streaming music.

This week I edited the records for the seed library to reflect the 2015 offering - 20 types of seeds in all. Bethany added some more info this year, like harvest times, light requirements, expected yields, etc. That info is now in the records.

You can see the seed library in the PAC by searching "seed library" (use the quotation marks) in the basic search box, or by searching seed library as a series in the Advanced Search. This is an easy way to call up the seed library for patrons.

Come on, sunshine!

Vicki Niehaus


Nothing this week :) Everyone have a good weekend.


Network & IT notes

This week has been very busy, by the time you read this all the public computers that I can upgrade should be done and I will work on configuring the ones Bethany no longer needs to replace the really old public computers here at main, thanks Bethany, they already have Windows 7 on them so it should be a fairly easy change over.

Robert and I worked hard Friday night moving the last few programs off of the old dataserver onto the new one so hopefully we won't have to reboot it as much. But since I got no phone calls Saturday I guess all is running well. Nah we both are sports fans (soccer) but not particularly basketball, so missing the UL game was OK, but we are glad they won.

I hope to have South's new fax line up and running by Monday afternoon, fingers crossed.

Also, so everyone knows we have a new place to order OCPL gear from (you can still use Lands End but this gives you more options) it is CM Designs and they are out of Goshen. You can order anytime you want, also you can get the logo in almost any color even though the order form says black and white (by the way it is embroidered). Also, if there is anything else you want please don't hesitate to email and ask Catie at cmdesignsllc@gmail.com I have ordered a light pink hoodie and Jennifer Ginn got a hot pink T-shirt that looks awesome, so just ask if there is something you want, we are not totally limited to the order form it was just something to get us started. Than just send your check to her. and don't forget tax and she will get with me when it is done about pick up so we don't have to pay shipping. So far everything has turn out awesome and has been good quality clothes.

As for our beautification project, Traci has the green thumb, I do the shaping, and together we are the muscle. So we have been hard at work repotting, separating, and trimming plants. well, just take a look:

thank to everyone as always for hanging in there with me

Trisha the IT Department :)