G5 Expedition

A summary of the briefing

Please register this week

We need to make accurate reservations and pay deposits before the summer holiday, please ensure that you make your reservation this week.

If you have any further queries before registering please contact me at


or telephone 6871 5202

Below you can find links to:

  • the registration form.
  • the PowerPoint slides from the briefing.
  • the itinerary.
  • the packing list
  • Visa and Passport information.
  • Sibu 2014 slideshow - this is password protected, see below.

Best wishes,

Vince Burke

Vice Principal - Pastoral

Online registration form

Please complete by Friday 5th June.

Sibu 2014 Slideshow

To access this slideshow please use SJIIES2015 as your password. This slideshow is for parent information, please don't spoil any surprises for your child!