Border Town

Marisela Cecilio


The setting is where and when the story takes place. The setting in this story takes place in El Rio Grande. There's several place like The restaurant that Fabiolas parents own or at Dos Rios High School.Quote:"First impressions are not what people end up being sometimes"
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The type of conflict that's involved in this story is external conflict which is when the struggles or problem take place outside the character. In this story Fabiola has to make her sister Alexis realize that she fell in love with the wrong guy and that she's messing around with the wrong people and she has to do everything to prove that Dex is not what he says he is.
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Point of view

This story is a 1st persons pov. One of the characters tells the story , uses the pronoun "I" , audience gets to know the speaker very well but only knows what he or she knows and at last all the information has to come from one character in the story. The reason why this story has it is because the main character which is Fabiola is the one telling the readers her feelings and about what she has to do so in the story she's constantly talking about how she feels about the whole situation.
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The type of irony this story has is dramatic irony which is when one of the characters is unaware of importance. Since Alexis doesn't want to realize how her boyfriend is cause she's so in love. This story is based on a lot of arguments so of course it has to be dramatic irony.
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