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A wise old owl lived in an oak The more he saw the less he spoke The less he spoke the more he heard. Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?

Feature story

The Wicked Pixels

The history of video games started in 1940. The computers were large boxes with buttons and lights all around it. How would you handle those computers? In 1940, Edward U. Condon designed a computer that can play nim(a strategic game that you must take out ten protons) and most of the time the CPU wins. In 1952, A.S Dougless created a game of tic-tac-toe (in England it is called Oxo) on a system called Cambridge's EDSAC. People really liked chess in 1950 to 1957. In 1957, Alex Bernstein completed the first computer chess program. In 1958, Willy Higinbothom created the first tennis game on a oscilloscope and analog computer. A few years later after the release, it was dismantled, but it inspired Pong. In 1959, students at MIT created the game called Mouse in the Maze. The mouse navigated through a path you created with a light pen. In 1960, John Burgeson stayed home and tried to make a baseball game with his brother. In 1962, Steve Russell, a student at MIT, invented Spacewarl, for the first computer based video game. In 1964, at Dartmouth, John Kemeny, created a computer program that anyone could type in commands and “boom” their first game was created. In 1977, The Atari system was the first system to add color.

That was a brief history of video games from 1940 to 1977. Video games grew throughout the years to pixels to smooth circles to block to land. I think video games will continue to improve.

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favorite app or video game

Final Three Days.

It was originally for the Nintendo 64/n64. It was remade so you can play it on the 3ds/2ds. It is the sixth game in the Zelda series. There's a kid named Skull Kid and he likes playing tricks on people. A salesman is walking through the forest and Skull Kid hits him in the head. Skull Kid saw Majoras mask and put it on. The mask had dark, powerful, magic that could destroy earth. He cursed the moon to fall in three days because the salesman leaves when it does. You have to get it back. You fight through dungeons and meet the final boss’s who live in them. Collect masks to progress and fight Skull Kid and get the mask back. The game is about medium. The puzzles are what make it harder.

How To Play.


move the circle pad to move

x to use an item

y to use an item

a to attack, talk, and open chests

b to attack or to climb faster

L is to L targeting

R is to block

touch screen

top right corner camera

top left to bottom left is to use an item

bottom right is to use instrument

bottom middle is items, masks and map

How To Use Instrument.

L, R, b,y,x,a

if you can’t remember a song,in the bottom left corner is a song list’.

That is how you play.

movie review

Super Mario Reviewers?

Do you like extravagant adventures? Super Mario Bros. is an action packed adventure where two Brooklyn plumbers go to a different dimension to save Princess Daisy from the King Koopa. A meteor struck Earth and sent most dinosaurs to a parallel universe where they thrive and evolve, like us, and Koopa wants his and human world to become one, so he can be king of both worlds. The movie had the names of enemies as the names of buildings. Although they don't eat the mushrooms, they use it as a shield. I thought it was awesome how they used flamethrowers, that shoot fire balls, for Bowser in the game when he shoots fire out of his mouth. Bob-omb are slow to blow up though, but it saved Mario’s life. Bullet Bills are used to power up rocket boots. Goomba’s are dinosaurs instead of brown mushrooms, and I didn't really like that because it made Goomba’s look stupid. The movie was great and I really liked the movie. The movie made sense just like the games. I like the part where… oops, no spoilers.

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Mr. Mendoza is the proud owner of Nintendo for the past 12 years. He attended high school in Japan and was in rolled in anime club, art and orchestra. He had a part-time job at McDonald’s when he was in high school. After graduating, he went to Lakeland College. He received Engineering Technologies and Engineering Related Fields. After College, he applied for Nintendo. Instead he bought the company by accident. Mendoza’s hobbies are drawing and relaxing. He married when he was 29 and had two children and five dogs. Mr. Mendoza wants to go back to America from Kyoto, so he can go see California. He’s a tall skinny man that doesn’t look old, but the grey hair makes him old. His plans in the future are to retire and relax.