How to bunbury



Bunburying is the act of having two identities. There could be several reasons why someone would bunbury. people often bunbury to cheat on a spouse or to simply live a different life. But in order to fool people into thinking that you are actually a completely different person, you must take several precautions.

The first and most important thing you must do in order to successfully bunbury is to come up with a new appearance. This step is extremely important because even if you do all of the other steps perfectly, if you don't get this right then you will have messed up the whole thing. Now, in order to create a new look you can use clothes, make up, wigs, and other accessories. Feel free to make fake birth marks or style your hair differently, remember that you must look like a completely different person for this second identity work. You can wear multiple layers to make it look like you have a different body type. Don't forget to look at your self in a mirror to make sure everything is in place. Feel free to add a fake accent or change the tone of your voice.


Now, it is extremely important to make a completely different identity. Make a fake ID card with your second identity. Be sure to make up information that you will remember easily, especially your name. If you have an account on any social media platform be sure to make a second one with your other identity. Get a second phone and add any contacts that you receive while pretending to be your second identity on the second phone. Find a place to stay while you are bunburying, I would highly recommend to get your own place rather than staying with a friend or family member if you really want to keep your second identity a secret. But if you are a little low on cash and can't afford a house or an apartment then stay with a close friend that you know won't expose your secret.



If you happen to cross paths with someone you know from your original identity and they recognize you while you are bunburying then first of all, you have done a very poor job with your disguise. Second of all, you need an escape plan. If you run into this person while your at the super market or MC Donald's then calmly find the nearest exit and walk out of the building. But if for what ever reason you are stuck with this person, hide behind a large object or cover your face with something like a book. If this person approaches you then introduce your self as your second identity and don't forget your accent or different tone of voice (if you have one) and stay calm. It is extremely important to talk to them with confidence, as if you are a completely different person or playing a character in a Broadway production. The more confident you speak the less likely this person will get suspicious and figure out who you are.

Go Out and Bunbury

Once you have completed all of the steps above, you are ready for bunburying. So go out and experience new things, Just don't get caught! Good luck bunburying!