Roman News

By Anthony Snyder

Mt. Vesuvius!

People of Rome come and visit Mt. Vesuvius. 106 years ago this volcano erupted and covered this city in a extremely thick layer of ash. This volcano is an iconic Roman icon. Think someday students may do reports on Mt. Vesuvuius and you will be able to say that you have personally been on the mountian. Come visit Mt. Vesuvius and become a part of history!
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Anger in the Empire

Patricians watch out! The plebeians are on the rise and they're not going to stop until they get there way. They have had enough of the Patricians runninging the government and they want change! Many Patricians say that military force should be used, others think that the laws should be changed. No matter what the solution may be something is going to have to change.

Vote for Maximus!

It's that time of year again... It's time to vote and one candidate is eager to reach out to the voters, and his name is Maximus! Are you tired of waiting for a magistrate who will things done, well wait no more Maximus has come to help. He promises to be a great military leader be a fair judge, take care of the finances (lower taxes) and would organize the government well. So vote for Maximus the and he won't raise the taximus.
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Julius Caesar

July 100 BC, March 15, 44 BC. Yesterday the great Julius Caesar was assassinated. He was well liked among the people of Rome and had many great accomplishments. Some major accomplishments in Julius life were being a general ,a statesman, a lawyer,an orator, and historian. He also never lost a war and he created a Acta Diurna (a news sheet informing the people what the Senate and assembly where up to). Julius will not be forgotten and I would bet that a famous book called 'Julius Caesar' might be written by a famous author sometime in the future.
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Marcus Aurelius Interview

Q: Hi Marcus how's your day going?

A: It's going great I'm glad to be alive, how are you?

Q:I'm good . First question, Emperor Hadrian took you and taught you to be his successor what influence has he had on you looking back?

A: Hadrian was a good man and he taught me everything I know, I don't think I would be here without him.

Q: You used to be a consul in the Senate how did your experience there help you as the Emperor?

A: My experience in the senate helped me to learn the best way to handle important issues. Without my experience there the Empire wouldn't be in such good shape.

Q: Thank you for your time!

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Size of the Empire

One major accomplishment in the Roman Empire was its size! This massive Empire stretched out over three continents. One other major accomplishment is that the Empire lasted over 1101 years! This Empire is one of the longest lasting Empires in the history of the world! Rome had many great accomplishments but these are two of the most obvious Roman accomplishments.
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New Roman Roads!

The Roman Empire is now making their roads stronger and better than ever! Road used to fall apart and break easily but now a stronger road is being made that will help slow the erosion process. These new roads will help increase trade throughout the empire.


People of Rome and you tired of staying in one place and seeing the same thing day after day, then this is for you. Come with us to visit Egypt! Next Thursday we will be leaving from the city of Rome at high noon. We will cross the Mediterranean Sea and land in Alexandria. The country of Egypt is home to many iconic figures throughout history for example the Great Cleopatra (Antony's wife). You will get to see the pyramids and the nile river. If you want to participate in this adventure feel free to tag along! See you there!
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Many people have mixed feelings about Christianity throughout the empire. I am writing this to express my feelings on Christianity. Diocletian persecuted the Christians thinking that the people of Rome would become to scared to become Christian. As we all know his plan backfired and many people thought that if these people were willing to die for their faith it must be real. I am one of those people. I believe that Christians should be able to practise their religion freely. I wanted to express my feelings about this topic with you and I hope all non Christians will take this into consideration.
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People of Rome beware the Barbarians are on the move! These barbaric people have been know as good fighters, fearless, strong, and unstoppable! Some Barbarians have even been known to tear people apart! Today the Vandal tribe took over more land in the southern part of the Empire. If we don't stop them now the empire might decline split into two and the side that makes it may change its name!