The Fire Chronicle

Project By: Fiona Tanis


Emma- Emma is the youngest of the three siblings. She is a very feisty, brave girl that is not scared to take on a challenge.

Michael-Michael the middle of the three. He is a nerd and many people make fun of him. He also has a strange passion for dwarfs (takes after his father).

Kate- Is the oldest of Emma, Michael and her. The fact that she is the oldest definitely shows through her personality. She is very mature and wants everything to be right.

Dr. Pym- He is a friend of the siblings they found on their journey. He is a wizard and is very helpful in the book.

Gabriel- Is also a character they meet on the way. He is a friendly giant that saved them many times.

Rafe- a boy Kate met in the past. He is somehow tied into Kate's life.

Dire Magnus- The evil man keeping their mom and dad captive. He wants the books of the beginning, so he can be the most powerful person in the world. There are many Dire Magnus because when one dies an other person takes its place.


-Enchanted New York City


-Elf village


The conflict of my story is that Kate, Michael and Emma are all chosen to be the keepers of the most powerful books in the word, The Books Of The Beginning. Because of this they have been on long adventures and all of them have almost died.


The climax of this story is when Kate gets hurt and Rafe takes her to the Dire Magnus. The Dire Magnus won't fix her unless Rafe becomes the next Dire Magnus. The Dire Magnus didn't actully fix her, he captured her in an underworld and the Fire Chronicle won't even bring her back to life.


I think the theme of my book is to try, try and never stop trying because in the book there is many obstacles, but with all the obstacles they still never stop trying.


I loved this book! it was exciting ,overwhelming, heart felt and you never got bored. I would recommend this book to people that like adventure and long page books. If I had to rate this book I would give it 5 golden stars!