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Tech Troubleshooting Tips from Mrs. Francis

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Chromebook Quick Tip

Help! When I turn on my Chromebook the task bar is on the side of the screen instead of at the bottom! How do I move it?

Use two fingers to click on the task bar to pull up the menu. Hover over “Shelf Position". Then click “Bottom”.

It’s that easy!

Chromebook Charger Covers

What are these covers that are on the plugs of my Chromebook chargers?

Those covers were placed on your Chromebooks to prevent parts of the charger from breaking off into the charging hole in the Chromebook. They force users to have to pull the charger out straight instead of at an angle which can damage the charger and the Chromebook. Please keep them on! If one of your Chromebook chargers breaks and you need a new one, the county will probably ask if you took off your charger covers (uh oh!).

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