Dream Team News

May 2013

Celebrate ~ Encourage ~ Reward for April

Top Sellers:

1. Jen Guerrero $2,133

2. Melissa Edmonds $1,339

3. Staci Miller $1,214

Most Parties:

1. Jen Guerrero 5

2. Melissa Edmonds 3

3. Staci Miller 2

Top Recruiters:

1. Aimee Edmonds 1

My Stats:

1. PV = $3,445

2. # of Parties = 4

3. Recruits = 1


  • Registration for June Celebrate and Connect is May 15th-30th
  • The last day to Register for National Conference is May 31st
  • Redeem your Dream Rewards today through May 26. Check out the Dream Rewards page under the Incentives tab for details.
  • The home office will be closed on May 27th in observance of Memorial Day. Please plan accordingly!
  • The mobile app for iPhone is live NOW. The Android app goes live May 15th. Take a few minutes to click on each tab in order to get the most out of this amazing tool!
  • Check out TOT everyday!

31 Team Training Event

Saturday, May 18th, 9:30-11:30am

202 Robin Ct

Slidell, LA

We will definitely have a LIVE mock Thirty-one Party. I'd also like each of you to write down your 'WHY' & bring pictures relating to what your Thirty-one success dream looks like. Be prepared to share your goals & dreams with one another.

If you are interested in attending, please notify me or Debbie Callens. I hope to see you there!

Team Meet and Greet

Saturday, May 25th, 10am-12pm

15299 Crossroads Pkwy

Gulfport, MS

Join me for coffee and some face to face time!! This is not a formal training event but more of a Q&A and get to know each other better session. Team member Jen Guerrero will be visiting from TX so it's a great time to get together!

Boot Camp: 31 Style

The purpose of this boot camp is to either get your business off to a great start, or to jump start your stagnant business! The time invested in this boot camp series will pay off as you see your business grow leaps and bounds! Whether you want to become more comfortable booking parties or if you want to watch your team grow, this is for you!

Something that keeps me motivated with my Thirty-one career is the following phrase...

If you play around with your business, your business will give you money to play with. If you're serious about your business your business will give you serious money. If you give your business everything you've got, your business will give you everything you could ever want!!!

This rings so true to me as I have seen the results from each level over various months within my own business. Regardless of what your goals are with Thirty-one, this boot camp will help you reach them!

The commitment from you is minimal, but the results will be through the roof! You will be given an assignment approximately every 3 days for a total of 6 assignments. The 7th assignment is a conference call to wrap it all up! You will be required to reply to me with some answers to a few short questions each time. In addition, you be listening to an assigned 31 minute call for each assignment.

If you thinkg you can commit to this just let m know that you are ready for BOOT CAMP, Thirty-one style! In keeping with the tradition of being spoiled by Thirty-one, you will be rewarded with a great product form me!

READY? Set? GO.....

Assignment #1....

Email me that you want to be part of my Boot Camp series and tell me your WHY for joining Thirty-one!

BTW: I have a new e-mail address! jacquemcshane31@gmail.com

Office Hours?

I'd like to say I can be available to you 24/7 but the reality is that I have a family and a life outside of Thirty-one just like you do!! The company recommends that Directors set office hours. I am not prepared to do so at this time. I will do my best to be available between the hours of 8am and 8pm on a daily basis. If it is earlier or later, feel free to shoot me an e-mail or a text and if I am free, I will get back with you! With that said, there is no such thing as a "purse emergency!" I love how you have been using the facebook group to post questions and have the team respond. Great job of supporting each other!!

Inspiration and Motivation