Pella Middle School

September 2022

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Important Dates

  • 9/19-9/23 - Homecoming Week
  • 9/20 - Business vs. Ballers (homecoming dress up)
  • 9/21 - 90 min. early dismissal
  • 9/21 - Neon (homecoming dress up)
  • 9/22 - Travel (homecoming dress up)
  • 9/23 - Pella Pride Green & White (homecoming dress up)
  • 9/23 - Lunch Tailgate with Pella HS students visiting
  • 9/26 - School Board Meeting at 4:30 PM
  • 9/26 - Academic Ineligibility Report
  • 9/28 - 90 min. early dismissal
  • 9/28 - 10/11 - Academic Ineligibility Period for any athletes with a failing grade.
  • 9/30 - WorkSmart Career Connector from 8:13-9:13 (1st period class)
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Brilliant Start to the 2022-2023 School Year!

As we complete three weeks, our middle school team is feeling very excited about what is in store during the 2022-23 school year! The 8th grade Class of 2027 is demonstrating tremendous leadership and modeling for our 7th grade class what it takes to be a successful student. That said, our 7th grade Class of 2028 is rising quickly. Both grades are a gift to us, and we want to thank you for sharing your most prized possessions. We are going to have our bumps along the way, but there will be many more celebrations than not. Here's to another memorable school year!
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New Staff at Pella Middle School

What a terrific bunch of people, and I am guessing you would say the same thing if your student has them. We continue to add outstanding people to our team!

  1. Cody Dekruyff - 7th Math & 8th Science

  2. Charlee Eekhoff - 5-12 Orchestra Director

  3. Joshua Ellis - 7th & 8th Science (Science Team Lead)

  4. Brendan Foughty - 7th PE & Health (7-12 PE Team Lead)

  5. Ryley Kozisek - .5 FTE Teacher Associate

  6. Bailee Meyer - 7th ELA

  7. Elizabeth (Liz) Pribyl - Art

  8. Mari Rozendaal - 7th Science & PLTW

  9. Brittany Rouze - Resource Teacher

  10. Megan Timmerman - 8th PE & Health

  11. Hayden Vroom - 8th Math & 8th Science

  12. **Sarah Boyce - fulltime 7th grade ELA (21-22 .5 FTE)

We have wonderful longterm substitute teachers this year due to exciting new additions to our teachers' families.

- Etta Dekruyff for Lindsy Brandt

- Shawn Vandenberg for Megan Timmerman

- TBD for Megan Ferguson

Overall, very exciting times at Pella Middle School, and we are so grateful for this team of servant-hearted teachers. I can speak as the principal and as a parent!

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Safety First - Safety Always - Safety at Pella Middle School

At Pella Middle School, we want to maximize the learning and other opportunities for everyone. First and foremost, mental and physical safety is our priority. We want this to be a safe space in order for everyone to learn, lead, achieve and thrive. If your student experiences anything that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe, or if they witness behavior that is uncomfortable or unsafe, please encourage your student to inform Mr. Manning, Mr. Tjeerdsma, Mr. Fynaardt, or Mrs. Van Wyk. If you see something, say something!

There are several different ways you can do that:

  • Talk to us directly during a passing period, class, before or after school

  • Email us

  • Or send a message to our tip line on our front page of the MS site (it can be anonymous)

We cannot help if we don’t know, and we want to help! We love our students, and we know we can always improve.

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2022 - 2023 Pella Middle School Student Ambassadors

The mission of our student ambassadors is, "As student ambassadors we're committed to positively represent and lead with kind hearts by setting a good example, serving, and including everyone." The students below will serve as our Pella Middle School ambassadors.
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Homework & Work Completion Expectations

This is a friendly reminder that the mid term is approaching, and we will run our elegibility reports soon. If any students are failing a course, students will be inelegible to particpate for two weeks, and they will be required to attend Wednesday study table regardless if the work is done or not or if the grade is no longer an "F". To read the expectations, please click the link below.

Academic Eligibility Policy

*Watch for emails that inform you of whether your student is falling behind or now.

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Pella Middle School Art Club

Ms. Pribyl, our new art teacher, has several students staying on Tuesday nights to pursue their artistic passions and creativity. This week the focus was on water color, and they will be trying a variety of new techniques and mediums.
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PHS Homecoming Poster Contest

If your student is interested in creating a homecoming poster, please read the following information. The top posters will be displayed at the homecoming game on Friday, September 23, as well as be displayed at Pella Middle School.


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After School Activities Underway

Thank you for allowing your students to participate in after school activities. We are excited about the participation numbers in Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, and our Art Club. It shows that our students are trying new things and be a part of a team. it is a privilege, and students must maintain passing grades in order to participate.

During Events:

- All spectators should be in the gym or in the stands.

- During volleyball games, f there are children playing in the cafeteria, Mr. Tjeerdsma, Mr. Manning, or other school personnel will ask them to return to the gym

- Please model great sportsmanship for our student athletes.

We appreciate your partnership and support of our students and activities!

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Drop-off and Pickup Lane


  1. Try to avoid blocking East 13th and pull around to the west side of the loop when the line is backed up in the AM/PM.
  2. Avoid parking in the spots designated for those with handicap stickers in front of the building.
  3. Drop your students off anywhere along the curbed portion of the driveway, so we can make the loading and unloading process go quickly.
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Counselor Connection

Our first couple weeks have gone very well! I will be facilitating small groups throughout the school year as part of our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum available to all students. Groups will include topics on healthy coping, divorce, grief, and social skills. If you would like your child to participate in a specific group, please contact me. One of the things I enjoy most about school counseling is getting to know our students and their families. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or just to say hello.

Jourdan Van Wyk

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