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I am so proud of the hard work of both our students and our staff over this past school year. This has been a very challenging experience for all of us and a tremendous amount of work for parents, guardians and educators to keep our little (and big!) ones and ourselves safe, engaged and well. Like with all new experiences, there has been some ups and downs. Overall, I was happy to witness the wonderful growth demonstrated collectively and collaboratively as a learning community. Well done Knights!

As we move into June and with the announcement from the Minister of Education that schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year, our staff will continue with online learning and connecting with students and families as we wrap up this school year on June 24th (PA day June 25th). Teachers are currently working on June report cards and we are preparing for year-end transitions. We will continue to prioritize our students' mental health and well-being, and we will support you in making choices that work for you and your family. Please do not hesitate to reach out!

Yours in Education,

Jennifer Osborne, Principal

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Collection of Student Belongings/Report Cards

At this point in time we are beginning to plan for the retrieval of student belongings from Limestone District School Board Schools. Provisions are being made so that all parents/guardians and students can collect personal items from the school as well as return any Technology borrowed during the week of June 21-June 24th. Please check your email or our school website for the schedule by classroom. Contact the school should you have any questions about this process. Thank you very much for your patience as we work through this process together.

Term 2 report cards will be mailed to families this year. As teachers are preparing to complete Term 2 Report Cards they will be considering evidence collected during "in person" and remote learning. Assessment continues to be based on conversations, observations and products (student work, projects, etc.). Students will be assessed based on grade level expectations, unless they have an IEP with modified expectations. Attending live lessons and small group sessions and/or completing assigned activities during remote learning will give your child's teacher more fulsome evidence on which to base marks and comments. As well, some units and strands may only be taught during the remote learning period. These units will be assessed based on the evidence of learning online (e.g. observations, conversations, products). If you have any questions, please reach out to your child's teacher or the administration.

Once again this year, a FREE SCOOP voucher for Castaways like the one below will be given to each student, courtesy of Liz White. Thanks for recognizing our efforts, Liz!!

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Youth Vaccination Clinics

Youth aged 12 and older are now eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccination in Ontario. KFL&A Public Health will be offering special youth vaccination clinics beginning the week of June 7 and continuing to June 28.

How to book a first dose appointment at Youth and Family Vaccination Clinics

  • To make a vaccination appointment, please use the link below.
  • Youth clinics will be held beginning on June 8 to June 28.
  • Please note you will need to be 12 years of age at the time of the appointment.
  • Appointments are for parents/guardians as well as the youth and the link can accommodate different booking options. For example, youth only (if both parents/guardians are already immunized) or a parent/guardian with multiple eligible youth.

KFL&A Public Health - COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic | Scheduling and Booking Website (simplybook.plus)


Please continue to use the Safe Arrival system to report your child's absence if your child is not going to be accessing online learning (either synchronously or asynchronously) over a 24 hour period. Wellness calls will continue to be sent out automatically to those students who have not participated in any form of learning. This is to help us keep a connection and ensure the well-being of every child.

If you do not wish to receive a call, please

- use the automated Safe Arrival System using School Messenger to create an absence or

- contact the office.


Graduation is an important milestone in a student’s academic journey and deserves to be celebrated. Planning for this event again this June requires us to consider how best to celebrate our students' achievements while reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19. As such, guidelines have been developed in consultation with KFL&A Public Health with public health protection in mind, and adhering to them is how we will both celebrate our students and move safely through this challenge together.

Again this year, our graduation ceremony will be pre-recorded and posted to allow families the flexibility of watching the virtual presentation together or when possible. We will also have an opportunity for individual graduates and immediate family members to come to the school in order to be awarded their certificate and receive awards and gifts on June 22nd. Students and families in Grade 8 should watch for an email from Mr. Kyte with more information around the logistics of Graduation.

September 2021/22

Planning for our next school year is underway and school staff have been assigned to classrooms tentatively. There will continue to be changes as we move through June. Here is our tentative staffing assignments for the 2021/22 school year:

JK/SK Elaine Lockwood/Julie Viau

JK/SK Tracy Kingston/Sarah Schembri

Gr.1 Jennifer Hogle

Gr. 2 Katie Bauml

Gr.2/3 Jennifer McGrath

Gr.3/4 Jennifer Hay

Gr. 4/5 TBD

Gr. 5 Megan Sparrow

Gr. 6 Colin Nickel

Gr. 6/7 Jennifer Morrisey

Gr. 7/8 Shawn Kyte

French Lisa Dowling

French Megan Hawley

Music Melissa Hulton

VP/SST Tanyelle VanderSchoor

Principal Jennifer Osborne

Bath PS wishes CAROL BAETZ a very happy retirement as she finishes off her teaching career with the Virtual School. Ms. Baetz has been instrumental in growing the wonderful Music program at Bath PS as well as being a strong advocate for the Arts. She will be greatly missed! Best wishes, Carol!!

We will also be bidding farewell to Jessica Irwin, Adam Blandford-Morrow, Eleni Fortis and Mackenzie Vail at the end of this school year. Best of luck in your future teaching endeavors and we hope to see you back in our building again!!

Playground Construction

Our playground will be getting an upgrade this summer! Beginning shortly, construction crews will be arriving to dig up the old asphalt and upgrade the drainage in our yard. A new garden and outside classroom area will be created as well as a ramp to our intermediate doors. We are looking forward to unveiling our new playground in the fall. In the meantime, please be advised that once the construction begins, the yard will be closed.

Are you moving?

If your student will not be attending Bath PS this fall please advise the school at your earliest convenience at bathp@limestone.on.ca .Please provide the student(s) name, and grade and indicate the name of the new school attending. The new school will reach out to us to obtain students records.

If you are moving out of the catchment area for Bath PS and wish to continue attending Bath PS, please contact the school and request an Application to Attend a School Outside Regular Attendance Area. The school organization is provided to us by the Limestone District School Board based on enrollment numbers and we are able to accept out of area applications only if there is space in the assigned grade. If you have any questions, please contact the school.

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Kindergarten Registration

We are currently accepting kindergarten registrations for in-area Bath PS students. If you are unsure of your home school, please check the Triboard School eligibility search link HERE.

All registrations can be completed online and the link to access this is below. If you are having difficulty, please send a direct email to our general mailbox (bathp@limestone.on.ca) with details of how best to reach you. We look forward to welcoming our new kindergarten friends!

If your student is 4 or 5 by the end of December, now is the time to register.

Discover Kindergarten in Limestone

SAC Fundraiser

Dear Bath Knight families,

Parent Council is very excited to announce that we have chosen to be a part of the Plantables school fundraising program. With the weather warming up and many of you thinking about rolling up your sleeves and getting back into the garden, what better time to help the school!

Not only do Plantables let you grow the same high quality fruit and veggie plants used by farmers across the country, they deliver ready to plant plants to your front door exactly when you need them. That means you just have to bury them into the ground, give them some love and water and you will be enjoying them in no time!

If you or anyone you know is looking to fill their gardens, tell them to go to www.plantables.ca, at checkout enter our unique code BathPSGrows and the school gets 10% of the profit. Shipping is $13.99 unless you purchase 12 or more plants then its FREE shipping.

The fundraiser is running NOW – Sept 1st, 2021.

Thank you for supporting our school!

Happy Growing!!

Lyme Disease

Cases of Lyme disease have gone up 600 per cent in Ontario between 2009 and 2016. KFL&A is a very high-risk region for Lyme disease, according to Public Health, with a rate 20 times higher than the provincial rate. Here is some information from KFLAPH on how to keep your family protected. https://www.kflaph.ca/en/healthy-living/lyme-disease-.aspx
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