The Masque of the Red Death

By: Edgar Allan Poe

Analyzed by Keiana Jones

The Masque of the Red Death is very mysterious and intriguing. When the population of Prince Prospero's people was half deceased from the disease that spread. He called on a party to invite friends and people free from the disease. I think the prince was thinking that his people need some type of cheering up. Once everyone was there they were having a good time but every time the clock bell would ring they would stop like if they were waiting for something to happen and when nothing happened they continued to converse. The last time the bell rung a zombie looking person appeared, that man was wearing a mask. Everyone froze in place but the Prince demanded for the man to be ceased because he felt the masked man was mocking the disease his people were dying from. Nobody ceased the man but soon Prince Prospero dropped dead than the party guest as well one by one. I think the man carried the disease that Prince Pospero's people had died from or was in charge of their faith.

Characteristics (The Masque Red Death & Landlady)

The Prince seems to be a powerful man and strong willed man that is staying strong while a disease is spreading and killing half of his population of people.

Good head on his shoulders.

In the landlady Billy Weaver seems to be well-mannered, naive, very interested with her stuff dog and bird. He is naive to the fact that she has only had a guess once every year and none of them has left but they haven't even showed there face the whole time he was downstairs isn't that odd enough.