Do YOU Know About Physical Fitness?

Donate AT LEAST 60 Minutes A Day For Exercise.

Spend About 15 minutes Doing The Following:

Do these exercises for 3 mintues to ration your time to get these 5 exercises done:

1: Criss-Cross Mountain Climbers.

2: Burpees Including Push-Up.

3: Push-Ups

4: Planks

5: Jump-Rope

Every Day After Or Before School.

You can do these exercises 3 times a day. You can have different days for a rest. Also, about every other week you can have 2 days of rest. Do these exercises for 4 weeks and then see your results on your weight and physical fitness. Then start over with different exercises, times, and days.

Here Are Some Examples Of The Exercises.

So Just Roll With It

Find a Friend

Normally people can jog and run together. You can even find friends in a gym. It may even raise your self-steam.