October Newsletter 2015

Story Book Hollow - Growing and Learning Together

October Will Be Frightfully Fabulous

The first month of the school year flew right by and all of children are settling into their routines and are having a blast in their class. As the weather is starting to cool down please make sure your child has a light jacket or sweatshirt they can out on for when they are playing outside. Also, please check their changes of clothes and replace the summer clothes for ones that are more appropriate for the weather. Get ready for so many spooktacular activities this month. Your child will be learning all about fire prevention as well as all different kinds of safety skills like how to stay safe on the play grounds and in stores. Then they will engaged in a ton of fun activities from wrapping their friends up like mummies to learning how to do the Monster Mash. We would love to see you at out Safe Halloween event on Sunday October 25th. Have a fantastic October!

Infant News

What a great September our little pumpkins had. Happy 1st birthday to James who started taking several steps on his own and will be on his way walking in no time. Gavin is signing "thank you" while Aiden shares his toys with him. Zoey is starting to rock back and forth on all fours. Soon she will be crawling all around the room trying to catch up with the boys. Lilliana turned one and is racing with all the boys. Maya is rolling back and forth. As sad as we are to see Brandon move up we are thrilled for all that is in store for him in our Toddler class. This moth they will focus on feeling leaves and looking at the fall foliage outside. As our babies move up to the Toddler class we will have Miss Adalia move up with them. In lue of that we would like to welcome Miss Noemi to our infant room. Miss Noemi has two children herself and has worked in the Early Childhood field for many years.

Toddler News

What an amazing September our Toddlers had. They learned about apples and even were able to taste different kinds of apples. They have started focusing on learning to recognize their names and the names of their friends. We would like to welcome Miss Lori to our Toddler class. She will be the lead teacher when we open up the other side of our Toddler class.

This, our little ghouls will be playing with lots of yucky and gooey slime to help them hone in on their sensory skills. They will learn what to do if there is a fire and learn all about firefighters as well a police officers. Since Halloween is this month your little one will be engaged in a lot of spooky activities.

Preschool News

As we head into the fall our preschool class has many exciting activities planned. We are jumping right into learning to write letters with our Handwriting Without Tears program. The children are very excited about our job chart. Everyday they pick a job for that day. They are really enjoying taking responsibility for their job.

As we move forward into October, we will be doing many different science experiments as well as writing a story as a group which the children will be illustrating, Please look for our story and illustrations on our classroom wall.


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-Picture Day is Tuesday October 13th

-Safe Halloween is Sunday October 25th from 1-3pm

-Halloween Parade Friday October 30th

** Please bring in a change of clothes for the fall weather.**