Weekly Jaguar Update

Somethings to keep in mind...


This week in science we are using chemistry vocabulary cards, going to the computer lab for a periodic table project. There will also be a vocabulary quiz this Friday on quia.


Advanced Math

This week we will finish learning about different ways to display data (circle graph, line graph, frequency table, etc) and we will use that knowledge and apply it to our own data project.Tuesday we will begin collecting data and then on Wednesday we will start displaying the data in multiple representations. The project will be due in class on Friday.

Regular Math

This week we quickly review how to find the median, mode, and range. We will find the mean pictorially and then we move into how to display data. We will take a look at line graphs, bar graphs, stem and leaf plots, and frequency tables. Next week we will start the data collection project.

Social Studies:

Create a culture brochures are due Tuesday. This week we will be studying limited and unlimited types of government. Get ready for some acting! Later this week will have kings, queens, tyrants, and elected officials in our classroom!