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6 Things All Nutrition Experts Agree On

Article Summary

This article "6 Things All Nutrition Experts Agree On" was written by Diana Vilibert on November 27, 2015. It was published on Care2.com, which is a social network with 30 million activist users, where they share information, discuss different topics, and can sign petitions for causes. The main points of this article can be broken down into 6 simple points.

1. More veggies, seafood, and legumes. Less sugar, booze, and red meats.

2. Don't cut out entire food groups (unless you want or need to).

3. Don't take new nutrition findings as absolute fact.

4. Let's think about what we can add to our diets, not just cut out.

5. Sustainability is an important part to healthy eating.

6. Food should be tasty!

Article Critique

This article was written after the author attended the Finding Common Ground conference. This conference is a committee of nutrition experts consisting of scientists, doctors, and professors, who came together to reach a consensus on healthy eating. To me, this article was accurate and helpful, and they do use scientific research to back up their findings. In their first, second, and fourth point, I definitely liked the fact that they don't talk about cutting out "bad" foods. Instead of cutting out foods from your diet, the article talks more about moderation of these foods. I like how in the fourth point, she stressed that it can be better to focus on adding more healthy foods, than cutting out unhealthy ones. This helps us focus on the positive aspects of nutrition, instead of looming over the fact that we can't eat certain foods. In her third point, she mentions not to take all nutrition findings as absolute fact. This point is so accurate, especially due to all the false advertising and marketing of "diet" products that can change your body in an instant. People need to focus on the fact that nutrition is a life-long habit adjustment, instead of looking for a quick fix. In their fifth point, they do focus on sustainability for the upcoming generations. I do believe that is something most nutritionists might glaze over. We have to realize that the Earth's resources are not endless, and we must all do our own steps to help preserve our home. Lastly, I liked how she added in the food should be tasty. Healthy food gets such a negative rap for being bland and disgusting. There are so many different spices, herbs, and ways to prepare food that can make healthy eating wonderful and delicious! Overall, I believe this article was a great overview to healthy eating habits, and I enjoyed the points the author portrayed.