Key Action 1 - Learning Mobility Of Individuals

Examination of Art to Promote critical thinking and learning skills

Subject matter

During the workshop the participants will get the possibility to become acquainted with innovative teaching and learning methods that support critical thinking and the learning skills of their learners. The participants will examine miscellaneous works of art to become acquainted with the potential of changing perspectives and different ways of thinking and interpretation that can be implemented for every subject area.

Important Information

  • Venue: Athens, Greece
  • Space of time: 10.10.2016-14.10.2016
  • Costs: arising expenses can be for instance covered by an ERASMUS+ KA1 - Mobility project
  • Provider: Hellenic Adult Education Association, Athens

How to participate?

If you are interested in participating at our worshop one posibility is to find a sending organization that applied for a ERASMUS+ KA1 Mobility project or another kind of mobility poject.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information or questions.


Xenia Kountentaki

Hellenic Adult Education Association

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