By. Sean

Role In The Revolutionary War

Benedict Arnold was a very important person In the war. He was a successful governor of Pennsylvania and a traitor to America. being a traitor showed the army that there may be more among them. so they became more wary. even turncoats are an important part of the war.
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Three Important Facts

Benedict Arnold Was Born in Norwich, Connecticut Jan. 17, 1741. Died In London 1801. Many People Say He Switched Forcefully. but actually he Switched To British Side Because He Was Overlooked. no wonder he is so popular, he betrayed his own country!

Family Life

All Of Family Died Of Yellow Fever, Except For His Sister and his father. after his fathers death, he married Margret Mansfield and had 3 kids in 5 years. Before his father died he was a successful business man.

Life After The Revolutionary War

After the war ended he returned to London. when he did he was hated for betraying England, even if he switched sides eventually. his loneliness started sapping at his health and wealth. this lead to his death in 1801. he was 60 years old when he had died.