Puketapu School Newsletter

Week 7, Term 2, 2019

Empower All People to be Healthy, Lifelong Learners

Kia kaha - do your best * Kia māia - be courageous * Kia manawanui - have a heart

From The Principal

Kia ora koutou,

Last week I was really pleased with how our culture was at our school. It was calm, kind and it felt good walking through the learning teams seeing our akonga sharing their learning with their teachers and myself.

Continue to look after your hauora, yourselves and your family. Enjoy this time of year and get outside as much as you can. Sleep well, drink water, exercise or move more and eat as well as you can.

Student Learning Conferences

Student Learning Conferences are next week.

Have you booked yet?

Thursday 20 June 3.30-6.30pm

Friday 21 June 8.00am -4.30pm

* While Friday counts as a school day, students only need to be here for their conference, then go home for the rest of the day.

Book Online at schoolinterviews - spaces are filling up fast so get in quick!

Parent Portal and Reporting

We are delighted to be able to launch our new reporting system, LINC-ED. We are excited to share this with you and involve you in your child’s learning journey.

At Puketapu School our aim has been to implement a robust system that allows teachers, parents, and students to access learning in an online environment that is secure, easy, and effective.

LINC-ED allows teachers to share learning anytime, anywhere and this can be viewed on any device. We are excited about the potential that the software offers. The report is designed to build year on year so that over time you will have access to comments, assessments, images, video and helpful resources all in one place.

Linc Ed Progressions Based Reporting to Parents (video link)

We will be opening up our LINC-ED parent portal in Week 10 (Wednesday) where you will be able to see:

  • Reading, Writing and Maths (Number & Algebra) Goals (what they are working on and what they have achieved)

  • Learning Comments (First half of Year) and General Comment (around our School Values and the Key Competencies from the New Zealand Curriculum)

  • Student Learning that your child has selected to share with you

Here is more information about for parents around how this will look for you: Slideshow for Parents

Puketapu School Gateway - Dillon Drive Entrance @ End of the Soccer Field

NPDC is working in partnership with Puketapu School and Puketapu hapū to improve the rear entrance/gateway from Dillon Drive into the School.

We want this entrance to be more obvious, have improved access, and be a welcoming entrance into the school.

We’d like your feedback on this draft design.

Please send your feedback to the school by Monday 17 June to office@puketapu.school.nz

Big picture
Big picture

Para Kore - Zero Waste

Seeing the Para Kore learning going on has been awesome. We have had presentations from our Kowhai students around having chickens in our school for our food scraps and producing eggs for our Year 7/8 technology. They also presented on having Para Kore waste monitors, zero waste lunch boxes and a big Para Kore day for our kura.

Cleaning up at the Park

Here are some photos from our Hickford Park Clean up and games day.

Students of Kowhai were outstanding last week on Thursday. They cleaned up lots of rubbish and showed their values when participating in the game rotations.
Big picture

Cleaning up at school too

Thank you to our amazing Rimu parents who show Kia Manawanui for our school by helping to keep the Rimu area clean and tidy.

We love the way that students and parents and staff are all becoming more aware of our beautiful school and taking care of it.

Kia Manawanui in action

Last week Olly helped some Kowhai students who were wanting to sew a cushion. We love to see students showing Kia Manawanui at our kura.
Big picture

Kites for Matariki

The challenge: Design a kite for Matariki that could stay in the air for at least two minutes and could carry a message to their tupuna.

Here are some of the prototypes:

... and dinosaurs can fly too!

Children from Rimu had fun making balloon dinosaurs. They took them outside to play with and soon discovered the pterodactyl's could fly really well in the wind. Lots of perseverance took place when making the dinosaurs to ensure the balloons didn't pop!

Thanks Home and School!

Puketapu Penguins and Pete the Penguin would like to thank Home and School for supplying the team with reversible training singlets! We look real flash at training now and it makes it easier for Coach Alejandro to sort us into teams for a quick scrimmage.
Big picture

Totara Symmetry

On Friday, Totara 1 & 2 were learning about symmetry by using paint! It was so much fun that we made at least 100 pieces of art which incorporated symmetry!

Sign Cafe

Last week's Sign Cafe was a great success and we will look at running another one at a later date. It was amazing watching students step up and challenge themselves to use sign language to communicate.
Big picture
Big picture

Totara Home Reading

Well done to Chayse Hodson who has read 103 nights with his whanau at home! Superb effort!
Big picture

Congratulations To...

Congratulations to our Puketapu Superstars this week:

Kia Kaha - Do Your Best
  • Lucy Nicholas
  • Hamu Adams
  • Madison Webby
  • Losa Fonoti
  • Nico Reeve

Kia Manawanui - Have a Heart

  • Keanu Suthon
  • Rangi Tau Brider
  • Tyreece Joines

Our Amazing Breakfast Club

We know our Kick Start Breakfast Club is amazing - and the Kick Start officials now know it too!

On Tuesday we had two of the nationwide organisers from Kick Start come and take a look at our Breakfast Club.

They were delighted with what they saw and we want to say a huge THANK YOU to Hayley Adams, Methanex and all the wonderful volunteers who make our Breakfast Club so brilliant.

Way to go team!

From Road patrol

Thank you to the drivers who drive all the way to the end of the drop off bay before stopping. This enables other cars to pull into the bay too.

We appreciate your consideration of others.

We had a visit from a friendly police officer on Monday morning. It was an unplanned visit. He was able to greet students and parents as they arrived and crossed over the crossing.

He will be visiting again soon. He will appreciate seeing great road respect too.

Very soon we will be training more Year 7s and Year 6s to be Road Patrollers. Any Year 6 or 7 students who would like to be part of this very responsible team, please pick up a permission slip from the office.

The Tech Hub

Big picture

Kia ora whanau.

First of all I would like to congratulate Hana Ashworth Hall for winning our Design Technology logo design competition. You may have seen our huge sign outside the tech building - that is Hana's design. She has done an amazing job! Well done Hana. I'm so proud to have this as our department logo.

This week students have been working on making prototypes for their storage solutions. They have to take their measurements and make a half sized model of it.

Please ask your child what tech block they are in, and you are all welcome to come and see your child in tech next week.

Nga Mihi,

Mrs Wigley.

Board of Trustees Elections

Thank you to everyone who voted in our Election. We have to wait just a few more days, to make sure all postal votes are received.

The results will be announced on Friday afternoon.

Email Addresses

If you pick this newsletter up from Facebook, please check that you also received it by email.

If you didn't, it could be because we don't have your email address.

Please let us know as we need your email address to make sure you receive student reports and get access to our new parent portal.

School Banking

Don't forget, School Banking is every Thursday. Bring your bank book and money in to the Home & School Mailbox in the school office and we will get it to the bank for you.

Every banker earns whanau points and goes in the draw to win the Banking Prize.

If you need more information, ask at the office.

Mrs Paterson and Maths

Maths is all around us!

There are lots of things that can help develop children's maths skills at home. Here are just a few:

  • Ask me to help with the shopping by comparing the brands of the things we buy to find the best value for money.
  • Teach me a new card game we can play together.
  • Let me show you my favourite app with some maths in it.
  • Talk to my teacher about how I’m doing in maths and things we can do together so I can get even better.
  • Help me practise the facts I’m trying to memorise at the moment - for example, forwards and backwards from 100, the 7 times tables or doubling and halving numbers up to 20.
  • Ask me to help prepare dinner and talk to me about any maths involved - for example, halves, quarters, litres, grams, temperatures, etc. and get me to do any measuring or weighing needed.
  • Teach me one of the games you played on the marae when you were young.
  • Show me and talk with me about what the graphs and tables in our newspaper mean.
  • Have a traditional games night at home where the whole family plays a board game like Monopoly together.
  • Tell me about the games you played with your brothers and sisters before computers and TV.
  • Keep playing with me, and encouraging me, in the hard games I’m learning, for example, chess, backgammon or mah-jong, even though I’m not very good yet.
  • Try one of the internet maths games I’ve found, and try to beat my best score.
  • Talk to me about the maths you use every day and at work.
  • Show me the family budget and explain how you pay all the bills and save.
  • Ask me to figure out how much change you should get back from a purchase. If I get the amount right, occasionally you might let me keep the change!
  • Help me learn to estimate things like how much things weigh, how long they are, the cost of our groceries, or how long it will take to travel to a certain place.
  • Set up a reward system at home to encourage me to remember what I need to do. Make the points large or small to match what I am learning at school, e.g. a child in year 5 might get 10,000 points for doing the dishes or 758 points for taking out the rubbish and a reward when they have 250,000 points.
  • When we are driving or walking, play Launchpad with me. Spot a number, then use it as a launch pad for seeing how many combinations we can make that number make. For example, there’s a 12 on a letterbox, that's 3x4, 2x6, 10+2, 100–88, half of 24 etc.
  • Have a look in the families' section of the NZ Maths website for activities and games we can do together: http://www.nzmaths.co.nz/families

Book Club Issue 4

Today is the last day for ordering from Book Club Issue 4. The Loop will close tomorrow if you are planning on ordering online.
Big picture

Friday Lunches

Order and pay at the office before 3.30pm on Wednesday.

Friday 14 June

  • 8" sausage with Mash potato and Cheese - comes with potato gems $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Pumpkin $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Ham Sandwich) $5

*** Thursday 20 June *** (as Friday is Student Learning Conferences Day)

  • Sausage Roll with potato gems $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Chicken and Sweetcorn $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Cheese Scone) $5

Friday 28 June

  • Macaroni and Cheese (Bacon) $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Kumera and Bacon $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Savoury Pinwheel) $5

Friday 5 July

  • American Hotdog $5
  • Cup of soup with roll and butter: Veggie $5
  • Lunch pack (piece of fruit, yoghurt, mini cookie, raisins and Mini Bacon and Egg Puff $5


Oops! We got a little bit mixed up last week. We are sorry if we missed your name!

Happy birthday to all those who have had Birthdays recently or have one coming up this week:

  • Hunter Cleghorn-Flynn
  • Cohen Allan
  • Anton Roper
  • Harmony Lambert
  • Dominic Olander-Collison
  • Nga Motu Rongomai
  • Charlie Hardgrave
  • Whakairi Rangi
  • Katie MacRae
  • Cara Edwards
  • Serennah Hobin
  • Charlotte Blackmore
  • Jaxyn Sandford
  • Jakiah Sutton

Yummy Stickers

Keep those stickers coming in...

We will exchange our stickers for sports gear, so the more stickers, the more gear!

What's On: This week and next

Thursday 13 June:

  • Staff Crazy Shirt Day - come and check out the crazy shirts...

Friday 14 June:

  • Rippa Rugby finals. Our team of 10 will leave school at 9.30am to compete in the finals at New Plymouth Racecourse. Go team!
  • Rimu shared morning tea to celebrate Puanga.
  • Results of the Board of Trustees Election announced

Wednesday 19 June:

  • Year 5&6 Interschool Sports - Away at Coastal School.
  • Board of Trustees Meeting (first for new Board) 6.30pm

Thursday 20 June:

  • Spotswood College visiting Year 8 students
  • Student Learning Conferences 3.30-6.30pm

Friday 21 June:

  • Student Learning Conferences 8.00-4.30pm (Students only come to school for their conference, then go home.)

What's on: Rest of the Term

Heads up! As we continue with our planning, more things and more detail will be added to our Calendar and further information will come home regarding trips and outings.

Monday 24 June:Hockey coaching this week for Totara, Kowhai and Kauri

Thursday 27 June: Last day for Pancake orders (see below), Home & School Quiz Night - see info below. Tickets are on sale at the office.

Friday 28 June: Brave the Shave, School Disco

Wednesday 3 July: Pancake orders delivered

Thursday 4 July: Whole school Assembly (@ Northpoint)

Friday 5 July - LAST DAY OF TERM 2

Big picture

Spot Prize Donations Wanted!

We are seeking donations of prizes for our quiz night - if anyone knows of a company that would be interested in sponsoring some spot prizes for this event please contact Cushla on 0204 0005722

Pancakes anyone?

Home & School have a tasty new fundraiser on the way!

Delicious Marcel's pancakes - plain, chocolate, mini, gluten free, blueberry...

Order forms came home with eldest students today, but more forms are available from the office. Get your order in by Thursday 27 June and we will deliver them to you in the last week of the term, just in time for holiday breakfasts!

Clothes Swap

Friday 26 July, Fred Tucker Hall - Free entry

Clean out your wardrobe and bring your good used (adult) clothes to the school office.

On the night, come along and try on a bargain.

Proceeds will be going to Kick Start Breakfast

Community Notices

New Plymouth Roller Sports Club


On Saturday 22nd June skaters from our Figure Skating Branch will be giving a demonstration 10am – 11.30am at the East End Skating Arena, Nobs Line.

The Branch have 17 members who have qualified to skate at the forthcoming NZ Roller Sports Artistic Championships being held at the TSB Stadium 16 – 20th July.

This demonstration is free and we are inviting families, friends and supporters to come along and watch.