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Greetings on behalf of the MAEA BOD members. I know some of you may have thought that this group had folded or dissolved but that is not the case. Like many members, all BOD members are involved in alternative programs as administrators and/or teachers and we too must meet our job responsibilities. But our vision and our mission are not lost.

Currently, we have not met for several reasons but mainly because of time. Also, some of us have been involved in an Alternative Education Work Group that was put together by MSDE this year. Yes, it is exciting news for those in Alternative Education and more information is below about this group and the work being done.

Right, now the biggest delay is finishing our incorporation status and I continue to work with some legal friends to make this happen but again time and also in this case money is an issue that we will overcome. So please know we have not given up on this cause.

Remember we work for the betterment of this entire group and all the members so we want to hear from you. Below are the names of the BOD members so please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us.

BOD Members:

  • D. Tim Morrow-President/Chairperson
  • Nelson Horine-Vice President/Vice Chair
  • Kathy Hildebrand-Secretary/Temporary Treasurer
  • Michelle Spence-Asst. Treasurer
  • Ani Seker Ba
  • James Crimmins
  • Dr. Lauren Simmons
  • Chris Irwin
  • Debra Kachik
  • Heather Mackie
  • Ed Lowther-NAEA Liaison

The 5 Strategic Goals of the current MAEA BOD

  1. Establish a clear vision and mission for the organization-DONE
  2. Establish and ratify clear by-laws for the organization-DONE
  3. Increase membership in the organization-ONGOING
  4. Incorporate the organization and secure a 501C status-WORKING ON
  5. Solidify a connection with a representative at MSDE-DONE & ONGOING

Planning a Regional Symposium

We have explored the idea of holding a State and/or Regional Conference on several occasions but we have not been successful in getting it off the ground for many reasons including time, volunteers to host and other areas.

We are not giving up on this idea and actually the MSDE Alt. Ed. Work Group will be exploring this more as we move forward and may become the group who drives these opportunities moving forward. So please stay tune for more information.

But there is an outstanding opportunity coming up in late Fall with the NAEA National Conference in Tampa. More information can be found below on this Smore Page! Hope to see you there!

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The NAEA Annual Conference is October 28-30, 2019. Below is a link to get more information and to register! It is our goal to get as many as possible to attend. We know we cannot have everyone there or else our students will not have anyone here to teach them. LOL! But it would be awesome to have a strong showing at the conference. I know some of you plan to attend and I am looking forward to seeing you there. I think that maybe if they can work it out in their schedules we may even have some representation from MSDE at the conference! That would be great and a first!

So don't delay and click on the link below and register for the conference.

Click Here for More Information on NAEA Annual Conference in October!

MSDE Alternative Education Work Group

As I mentioned earlier, there has been a MSDE Alternative Education Workgroup formed through the leadership and guidance of Ms. Kimberley Buckheit from MSDE. Kim is Specialist with regards to School Completion and Alternative Programs. We are so excited to finally have someone from MSDE who deals with Alternative Education Programs.

At this point the work group has met several times and is working on some very important guiding documents for the entire state. At this point, we can not go in specifics but let's just say it has been exciting and productive work by some great people who are truly practitioners in alternative education within the State.

As stated in another area of this Smore, this work group intends, by choice, to continue to meet and work together beyond our original task and one of the areas that is being explored is meaningful and specific professional development and collaboration between alternative education administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals and others within alternative education. So again stay tuned as more information will be shared very soon!

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Updating our Membership and Growing our Membership-YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!

As mentioned above, one of the goals of the BOD is to increase our membership(capacity) and to do this, we need everyone's help. With that said we need to update our membership rolls and add to them. As we know in alternative education, people go and new people come in.

So everyone on the current email list will get an email regarding this too and EVERYONE will be asked to re-register through an updated Google Form. The process is simple. You can also share the form with your colleagues. Future emails and information will utilize the new membership roles and those who do not re-register (by choice or not) will no longer receive emails and updates.

There are multiple purposes and needs for such a group to exist. We need to have a network of like educators who can work together for the best interest of the students we serve. It will provide a means to develop and provide relevant and useful professional development opportunities. Additionally, it will provide a network of like-minded professionals who can reach out to each other for advice and solutions to situations that can only be found in an alternative education environment.

So below is the new registration link. Click on it now and register yourself to start and THEN I ask you to copy and share the link with at least 5 other alternative education colleagues in the state of Maryland. If everyone does this we will reach everyone.

Click here to Re-Register or Register for the First Time. Membership is FREE!

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MAEA is on Twitter

That is right! We now have a Twitter page and eventually we would like to start some professional Twitter chats among colleagues. So if you are on Twitter please be sure to follow as at MAEA_Hope and if you are not on Twitter, what are you waiting on. Sign-up, it is free and make the MAEA as one of your first people you follow and along with the NAEA which is NAEA_Hope Looking forward to chatting soon!

Join the Conversation at the new NAEA BLOG

Come join colleagues in vibrant and relevant discussions on hot topics at the NEW NAEA BLOG!

We need you to join us to make it more than a just a BLOG. We want it to be a powerful PLC for NAEA members and a resource for all!

So go to:

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NAEA APP-Get It Now!

If you are not familiar with the NAEA (National Alternative Education Association), you need to be. It is free to join and each year they hold an annual conference which is filled with outstanding speakers and information to support those involved in alternative education. I would strongly encourage you to visit their website.

Additionally, they have developed an APP for your personal device and you can get it at no cost from the Google Play store for Android users and the Apple App store for Apple users. The App contains so much information simply at your fingertips. You will find resources right there that can help you even in a discussion with someone about the impact of a student dropping out on your county and state. Additionally, if you scroll down you will find a "button" with the state of Maryland shown. Once you push that button, you will currently find 6-7 buttons. Those buttons, when pushed, will lead you to additional information including registration forms for both the MAEA and our upcoming conference.

It would really be cool and a great way to stay in touch if we could get a "button" on this page for each alternative program/school in Maryland. As you can see Antietam already has a button along with Wicomico County. If we could get someone from each program represented send a link to your website to then we can add them to the App.

I would also encourage you to look at a way to send at least one person to the National Conference each year. If you can send more that would be awesome too. One program recently sent 10% of the staff to the conference and that group included the school bookkeeper and school nurse. Some may asked why those people? Well it is fairly simple, it is about having a solid team and everyone understanding not only their role on the team but truly understand what the team does. Brilliant idea and thinking.

Again, I encourage you to get involved and get others involved and one way to do so is getting involved with the NAEA. Heck it is free so what do you have to lose?

NAEA Twitter Chat-Join Us!

Just a reminder that the last Tuesday of every month, the NAEA host a Twitter Chat around the Exemplary Practice Standards. Please join the conversation and make connections.

No Twitter? No problem, just sign up and then for your first follow, choose @NAEA_HOPE

Hope to see you there.