Lower Parking Prices

Public Interest Group

Who are we? What do we want?

We are a public interest group and we aim to achieve a collective good that would help all students that park at MHS. We want to find out why parking permits are so costly and to lower the price for the Muskego High School parking permits. An interest group that has similar focuses is MHSPlowthelots.

Interest Group Activity

What are we planning on doing?

-Investigate into who controls the parking permits policies and prices and figure out why the prices are the way that they are.

-Gain members to the interest group to create a stronger voice and support for the interest group through a social media presence.

-Have meetings with the person or persons in control of the policies and try to influence them to change the parking prices to lower the cost of parking.


Conduct meeting with the person or persons in charge and have a representative or representatives influence the persons in control to try to lower the parking prices to benefit the interest groups members.

What makes us Successful?

The factors that would make us successful are our narrow objective, we don't have a lot to accomplish. Additionally, this is an issue that any student who parks at MHS is impacted by so we shouldn't be short on supporters.

Our Membership Groups

MHS students that park at MHS. Parents of students who park at MHS who may pay for their children’s parking permits.