Dionysus The Divine

By: Matthew V

The Myth of Dionysus' Birth

A long time ago, the king of Thebes, had a daughter, her name was Semele. Zeus was attracted to her, so he went down to Earth and had a mortal affair. Hera saw so she told Semele who was shocked. But Hera was to late. A child was conceived. Semele forced Zeus to show her his god state, but she was killed by being engulfed in the lighting. Zeus had to act fast to save his son. He took the un-developed son and sewed him into, his thigh. 9 months later a baby boy was born. He was named Dionysus.

The Interview

I: Welcome to the History Channel. Please welcome our guest Dionysus!

D: Hello!

I: Okay, let's get things started. Tell us about yourself.

D: Well I'm a person who will help anyone, no matter their problem. I once even gave King Midas the power to turn anything he touched into gold.

I: How did that go?

D: Horrible, he turned his daughter into a statue. But I fixed it.

I: I see... What are you the God of?

D: I'm the God of wine, fertility, and joy.

I: Amazing. So how are things going on up on Mt. Olympus?

D: I don't know! I'm a nomad, searching the world for the best wine!

I: Sorry. well were you accompanied on your journey.

D: Yes, the wild saytrs followed me.

I: What is a saytr?

D: A half goat, half human.

I: So have you done any amazing acts.

D: Well I saved my mom from the underworld, after my dad, Zeus accidentally killed her.

I: Okay... well are you married?

D: Yes, I'm married to Ariadne.

I: How did you meet?

D: Well after she was executed for helping Theseus kill the Minotaur, I saved her from the underworld.

I: One last question, where are you worshiped?

D: In the theater of Dionysus, of course!

I: Okay, well that was an exciting interview with Dionysus! Have a nice day!

Dionysus and Superman.


  • They both have black hair.
  • They both are strong.
  • They both save and help people.
  • They both can't get drunk.
  • They both are not human.


  • Dionysus is a god.
  • Superman can fly.
  • Dionysus travels the world.
  • Superman has arch-enemies.
  • Dionysus doesn't have his own comic book.