Limits on amount of kills per season


Hunting has been around for billions of years. It started out as sea creatures and mammals hunting each other. Over the years it has evolved from that to cavemen hunting with spears to bows and arrows to now with guns and traps.

  • Limiting the amount of animals per season can help increase animal population throughout the entire planet.
  • Also if we limit the amount of animals it will help the rest of the environment with being on balance ecosystem wise.
  • In addition it would help say predators because if one animals go missing then the rest of the animal web/chain will be thrown off.
  • People are acquiring more licenses for certain animals than they really need.
  • Some people only ENJOY hunting rather than actually needing them to eat.

  • Limiting the hunting can lead to some people who actually need the food to starve and hunt illegally.
  • If we limit the amount some populations would go out of control causing some serious problems.
  • In South Africa they are killing elephants to purge populations because too many elephants is a bad thing for them.
  • Some people are resorting to shooting captive animals and mounting their heads on their walls.
  • It will help keep ecosystems in check.

Created by Cameron Tayeb-Naraghi and Dustin Moore