Faking It

Fake ID Usage By Oregon High School Students

The Situation.

Obtaining, possessing, creating, and using a fake identification card is illegal. However, many Portland, Oregon high school students use fake identification cards in order to gain access to privileges granted to individuals that are of legal age. One of the popular privileges illegally abused by minors with fake identification is the privilege to drink alcoholic beverages.

A recent, anonymous student survey done at one of the many high schools in the PPS school district shows that about 5.5%* of its 1,476 students are in possession of a fake identification card. So theoretically, 5.5% of the high school students there were and are gaining access to privileges that they aren’t legally entitled to yet.

*average percentage of the percentage of the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior class that own a fake ID


As an effort to cap the illegal usage of fake identification cards of minors, it was proposed that the state of Oregon require all DMV's in the state to implement a new, distinguishable feature to all future issued licenses in order to make alteration and or duplication impossible.

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