Ancient African Medicine

Medicine and Medical Equipment

Ancient African Medicine and Equipment

In Ancient Africa when people were sick they would need treatment or medicine. So they used whatever they had to stay healthy. They used crops and sometimes flowers to make medicine. When they needed to give surgeries they found anything in the woods and made tools. They would also go to fields and look for sharp things.
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The Types of Medicines They Had

The types of medicine they had was medicine for common things like a headaches, upset stomachs, or even a cold. Even if it was really bad illnesses. For example like strep throat, the stomach bug, or anything else they would have it there. Since they made their own medicines people would have to wait until it was ready.

How Long it Took to Make the Medicine

Sometimes to make the medicine it takes a day. But it sometimes took a week, a month, or even a year. So because they made their own it took a while. If it took longer than that they would have someone travel to get the medicine they need.
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The Tools They Had

When the africans needed tools they would always make the tools. They used the tools for surgeries. Sometimes they used it to open things when they couldn't. So they made the tools them selves.
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The First Tool They Had

The first tool they had was called the pressure-flacking. The pressure-flacking was used for surgeries. It was also used to create sharped edged tools. They had to have skills to cut things open for surgeries.

Did You Know

Did you know africans where the first people to use a sharp tool. The medicine they have you could eat or drink.
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