Braiding Technique

The Textile of Braiding

The Definition of Braiding

A Braid which is also known as a plait is a structure which is quite complex. It is formed by interlacing three or more strands of material. The materials must be flexible therefore yarn, wire or hair.

The History Of Braiding

The technique of braiding in Ancient Egypt was a sign of wealth. Most pharaohs wore braiding clothes and had their hair braided to show that they were important and rich. Braiding is also a social art, it is tradition for the elders to teach the younger generation and this is still continued to this day. Braiding began with leaves and then material to make slings for weapons, bowls, headpieces and hats.

Braiding In Hair Examples:

How to Braid:

The way of braiding comes in two forms;

1) The three string braid.

This technique consists of taking three strings and plaiting them. To plaiting you take the left string then place it in the middle. You then take the right string and also take it to the middle. This cycle is continued to make a braid.

The three string braid is quite common with hair and leather.

2) The four string braid.

This technique consists of taking four strings and crossing them aka braiding them. This must be done by taking the two inner strings and crossing them over each other to make an x. Then cross these over the outer two strings. This is then repeated over and over again.

The four string braid is the most common in making material with cotton and other flexible materials.

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How to Braid - For Beginners

How I would use the braiding technique:

I use the braiding technique at least 3 times a week as I braid my hair. I also own a bag which is made with the braided technique so the braiding technique appears in my everyday life yet often.
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The Braiding Technique- By Ella Schrijvers