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A message from Superintendent Dr. James M. Gay

November 20, 2020
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Celebrating YOU during American Education Week

This week we celebrate American Education Week, an annual celebration of public school education across our great country. Especially this year, it is important to celebrate all in our school community who make education possible for our 7,500 students!

I wanted to conclude this week of celebrating education with several thank yous.

  • To our maintenance staff, who work very hard to make sure that our facilities are clean and safe. You quietly but diligently make it look easy to ensure our schools are ready for learning. Your dedication is second to none.

  • To our kitchen staff, who are at school way before the rest of us. You prepare and cook and serve students and staff with incredible care. This has been even more impressive as you have served the needs of our most vulnerable families.

  • To our ESPs, district office staff, secretaries, aides, and other support staff. You make the complex workings of our educational organization appear seamless. With your commitment, our schools can function at the highest levels.

  • To our teachers, school counselors, social workers, psychologists, and other certified staff, your impact cannot be overstated. Each student and our colleagues are touched by your passion and professionalism. You are doing the impossible to the absolute best of your ability.

  • To our administration across the district, you work tirelessly to support the needs of students, staff, families, and the community. You juggle countless responsibilities, make difficult decisions, and cheer us all on.

  • To our School Board, thank you for volunteering your time and talent to lead our school district. You balance the needs of many with an unwavering focus on preparing students for their future.

  • To our Families, thank you for the support for your children and our schools. By reinforcing the importance of students’ personal commitment to their education we work collaboratively to prepare students for their future. Your compassion, passion, and care are vital to educational success.

  • And to all of our students, we are grateful for the vitality and individuality you bring to our schools. We know that our community, our state, our country, and our world will be in good hands with your leadership and contributions to the future.

This year has been like no other. The contributions and dedication of each member of our school community is what makes us D230Proud. It is important that we allow ourselves and each other grace as we manage to educate 7,500 students during this pandemic. I know in my heart that each member of our school community is doing the absolute best they can given the circumstances we all find ourselves in. And for that I am grateful.


Dr. Jim Gay

Maximizing the Impact of the Adaptive Pause

As we head into the Adaptive Pause from November 23 through December 4, I ask that we all commit to maximizing the impact of this pause in onsite instruction until we return on December 7. Collectively, we will be able to help mitigate the spread of this virus if we are mindful of our activities including travel and gatherings throughout the holiday.

If we continue to follow the safety guidelines of wearing facemasks appropriately, washing hands regularly, and maintaining six-foot physical distancing whenever possible we can reduce the spread in our community.

Collectively we can make a difference for our loved ones, our students, our colleagues, and our community.

This is one way we can show each other that we are #D23đź’šProud!