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Weekly Update ~ September 23, 2019

Board Meeting Location Change

Just a quick reminder, the Committee of the Whole and Regular meeting locations have been changed. Meetings will now take place in the Junior High library.

CoW meetings start at 6:00 pm, with the Regular meeting following at 7:15pm.

Physical Education News

Last week, Mr I's 8th grade P.E class went fishing at Independence Grove. Lots of bluegill, bass and Swedish fish were 'caught'!

Thanks to the Lake County Forest Preserve for the hosting the event!

Playground Supervisors Needed--$$$

The district is looking for several extra supervisors in the morning, on our playgrounds, before school. If you are interested in a part-time job, please contact Mr. Heckel (heckel@ogschool.org) or Mr. Blumberg (blumberg@ogschool.org) The hours for this position are 7:45-8:15 am, each day that school is in session. The pay is $44.15/hour ($22.08/day) If you drop your student off each morning, this may be the perfect opportunity for you!

Superintendent Search Survey

Dr. Mark Friedman and Dr. Joe Porto, from BWP & Associates, have been hired to conduct the search for Dr. Lemon's replacement, who retires at the end of the school year. They have designed a survey, seeking feedback from the entire Oak Grove community, asking for the desired characteristics you would like to see in your next superintendent. The survey will be available through September 30. If you would like to complete the survey, please click here.

Students on Playground at Dismissal Time

We are seeing a large number of students going to the playground at dismissal time, especially the elementary playground. It is confusing for the staff, as we are not sure if they are being picked up by parents/guardians, or riding the bus. Additionally, the area is not supervised at dismissal time at the end of the day. If you are a "walker" or picking your students up after school, please ask them to come to you, instead of going to the playground, so we know they are accounted for. Thank you for your cooperation.

Band News

Congratulations to the 8th-grade band members who took the field Friday night in the LHS Homecoming game. You looked and sounded awesome playing alongside the Marching WildCats! Way to start the year!

PTO News

PTO Calendars are Here!

There are only 25 calendars remaining; get your 2019-2020 OGS calendar before they sell out! Calendars are available in the school office for $10, cash or check. If you did not receive your pre-ordered calendar, contact Leah Parr at dlparr82@gmail.com.

Fannie May Candy Sales

The Oak Grove PTO Fannie May Candy fundraiser is happening again this year. Order forms are due no later than October 30th. Return the white copy of the order form with your payment, made out to Oak Grove PTO. Candy pick up will be on Thursday, November 21 from 3:30 to 4:30 in the Junior High cafeteria. Fannie May will be giving away FREE CANDY to those with the highest sales. Please contact Carlene Lichter at 847-414-0497 with any questions.

Team Green - Recycling Tips

  • Avoid single use plastic items in school lunches
  • Use a reusable water bottle
  • Buy bulk items such as chips/snacks/cookies and fill reusable bags or containers
  • Send a small washable container with dips like hummus or yogurt.

This will not only save you money but decreases food waste and trash.

Holiday Halls - Vendors Needed

Its hard to believe but we are prepping for Holiday Halls, as it will be our best ever! Looking for all new & returning vendors. We love supporting our internal talents in the halls of our very own Oak Grove School.

If you have any interest in sharing your talents or know someone who does, please reach out to tracey.schulze@gmail.com
or shelliefahy@att.net.

Social Emotional Learning News

This week in SEL, students in grades K-2 practiced being "Assertive"! We spent time getting our bodies into poses that were passive, aggressive and assertive. Through acting and a few dramatic stories I shared, students were able to see that being assertive is really the way to "get what you want" in life. Students were able to practice asking for help, asking someone to go to the back of the line and more.

In third grade, we focused on what to do when our mind is being pulled in all directions and we keep forgetting things. We made personalized plans to help us focus on things we need to accomplish. Check out our plans on SEESAW!

Fourth and fifth grade participated in some fun partner activities about respecting each others similarities and differences. We often can predict how a friend might feel about something before we make a comment or invite them to participate in an activity. The discussion was led by students, one of the many comments was, "If I know about my friends preferences, we'll have more fun together and become better friends." The students were able to talk freely and as Lisa Firestone stated, “In a trusted environment where emotions are talked about openly, most kids will speak freely about their feelings and are quick to have empathy for their peers.”

Mindfulness ~

We had a lot to deal with last week with tornadoes, flooding, storms, ALICE, and fire alarms, on top of our regular daily stressers. In K-3, we introduced Buddy Breaths. We took a stuffed animal, placed it on our belly and watched it move as we took deep breaths. Students reported that this calmed their mind and put them in the "Green Zone." This is a great strategy for your children to use at home when they are getting upset or an even better activity to do before bedtime to calm their busy minds. Place a stuffed animal on their belly for a minute and watch it move as you breath!

“When taught together, social-emotional learning and mindfulness can have even greater impact on both individuals and the world around us. ”by Linda Lantieri and Vicki Zakrzewski

Have a great week!

Susie Kiefer

Social Emotional Learning Teacher K-5

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Curriculum Corner

Hello Oak Grove Community,

The Illinois Social Science Standards are designed to ensure that students across Illinois focus on a common set of standards that promote the development of the knowledge and skills necessary for success in college, career, and civic life in the 21st century. The vision supporting this design is to produce Illinois graduates who are civically engaged, socially responsible, culturally aware, and financially literate. These are all areas that we take pride in focusing on with our students at Oak Grove.

In addition to having middle school students participate in larger, grade level projects, students practice these skills within the classroom. Using an inquiry model for instruction, students are asked to participate in collaborative problem solving, creative thinking, the act of sharing responsibility and developing their growth mindset as they continue to look for a better or more efficient way of addressing an issue.

“Inquiry” is an instructional model that focuses on posing an open ended question or problem in order to engage in sharing ideas, fostering discussion and analyzing results (also sometimes called Guided Discovery). From the student perspective - students must provide evidence of their reasoning in order to defend their position and collaborate with others, thus creating a potentially better result/solution. From the teacher perspective - teachers require students to think beyond general curiosity and into deep critical thinking. Teachers support the students through the investigation and guide them with probing questions and encouragement to support their development of those deep thinking skills.

Direct Link to the Illinois Social Science Standards

Link to the ISBE page with Social Science Resources

Additional information about Inquiry as an Instructional Model:

Ethylene Oxide Information

Information about Ethylene Oxide Emissions in Lake County has been posted on the Oak Grove website at www.ogschool.org. The information is the latest available, as provided by the Lake County Health Department.

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